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New book from J. Ross Publishers for managing web-based digital projects

15 October 2015 – J. Ross Publishing in the United States has announced the publication of a new book by Taylor Olson, PMP titled “Digital Project Management: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Launch.” The book delineates the thinking processes and step-by-step digital rollout process that can be applied immediately on any digital project, and how two of the latest development techniques—responsive design and mobile first—can be woven into traditional project management while still keeping a rigid focus on planning and communication.

151015-pmwj40-digital-BOOKAccording to the J. Ross announcement: The digital world is growing and changing at a rate that can seem overwhelming to those project managers who have to keep up with it to build customer-facing solutions and applications. It’s rare for project managers working in this field to be provided with much direction or a process by which to carry out a project, and there has been almost nothing available specific to these types of projects in the literary marketplace.

Digital Project Management: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide to a Successful Launch was developed to fill this gap by providing the knowledge, best practices, and proven steps to consistently manage these types of projects successfully from end-to-end. The digital rollout process presented in this valuable desk reference has been proven on over 100 projects of all shapes and sizes all over the world, including those with very limited resources. The steps provided for leading, managing, and completing digital projects successfully align with the five basic process groups developed by the Project Management Institute, and are presented in a manner that is easy to understand and execute for project managers of every experience level and their entire “on-the-ground” team.

Taylor Olson is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) with more than twenty years of experience in the field. She earned her degree in Telecommunications from Michigan State University, and began her career in automotive marketing and advertising. Ms. Olson has worked for organizations of all sizes and has traveled the world to train and collaborate with global team members, documenting digital project management best practices along the way. Over the past several years, she has been helping to build global websites and applications for Fortune 50 corporations. Taylor currently specializes in using content management systems to produce and maintain global web solutions for large corporations operating in multiple countries and languages.

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