New Book by Kit Oung from Gower aims to help organizations reduce energy consumption


31 January 2013 – London, UK – Gower Publishing in UK has announced the publication of a new book that may be of interest to many project-oriented organizations and program managers, Energy Management in Business: The Manager’s Guide to Maximising and Sustaining Energy Reduction, by Kit Oung. The book is featured in Gower’s series of books on sustainability and the green economy.

energy-management-in-businessAccording to the book’s publicity: Implementing energy reduction programmes stretches the capabilities and know-how of responsible managers. This book offers distilled practical concepts with real life case studies chosen to build insight, illustrate and allow managers and engineers to relate to a broad range of energy reduction opportunities.

We take energy for granted, like the air we breathe. We need to engage employees with energy management in two ways. In a more general sense, for those using energy for normal working practices, awareness and behaviour change are key. For those with more direct influence over energy using systems, engagement is also fundamental.

Energy Management in Business places the process firmly in the context of commercial and industrial business practice. The book is an excellent companion for any organisation seeking ISO 50001 certification and a reduced energy consumption, as well as those that simply wish to better understand the options, strategies and risks that every business now faces.

Kit Oung is a practicing energy consultant specialising in energy and carbon reduction strategies using low-cost high-return opportunities and energy management systems. He has 15 years’ experience in energy auditing and implements energy reduction projects for blue chip multi-national companies including petrochemical, specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and large commercial properties across five continents.

Kit is a British Standards Institute expert where he regularly reviews and provides inputs to various energy and environmental standards. He chairs two international standards committees in developing energy auditing standards.

Energy Management in Business: The Manager’s Guide to Maximising and Sustaining Energy Reduction, by Kit Oung, published by GOWER; January 2013, 278 pages, hard cover, ISBN 978-1-4094-5245-4; List price = £40.50; For further information and free chapters: http://www.gowerpublishing.com/isbn/9781409452454

Other Gower Sustainability in Business titles:  http://www.gowerpublishing.com/pdf/leaflets/Sustainability-Green-Economic-12.pdf

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