Mori, Schaden and Shepherd named Honorary Members of PM-Greece


10 December 2012 – Athens, Greece – The Network of Project Managers in Greece (PM-Greece), the Greek national member association of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), has announced that three IPMA leaders have been made honorary members of PM-Greece.  The announcement was made during the IPMA awards banquet on 30 October 2012 during the 26th IPMA World Congress on Project Management in Crete, and recently shared with the international media.

New honorary members of PM-Greece include the following well-respected current and former leaders of IPMA.

Roberto Mori, current IPMA President and next Chair of the IPMA Executive Board for 2013-2014.

According to Prof John-Paris Pantouvakis, President of PM-Greece: His experience helped us a lot in resolving the complex matters that arose when we tried to organize the 2012 IPMA World Congress. At the time that the whole Europe, but particularly Greece was in economic turmoil, Roberto, having experience from the 2008 Rome IPMA World Congress, guided us through a slippery road to the Congress organization and success. Special thanks are due to his advice on a number of radical proposals, some of which were implemented during the Congress in Crete”.

Brigitte Schaden, immediate past President of IPMA and IPMA chair during 2011-12.

According to Prof Pantouvakis: “Brigitte helped us develop the certification in Greece since 2008. The first people certified in Greece did that through PM Austria. At the same time, Brigitte became our First Assessor and guided us through the complex path of Certification Body development to obtaining an ISO certification and, finally, to being validated by IPMA in 2012.”

Miles Shepherd, former President and Chair of IPMA.

According to John-Paris: “Miles was one of the first persons I met in IPMA in 2004. We have had a long discussion during the 2004 IPMA World Congress in Budapest and he has managed to entertain my fears and concerns in relation to the work required to set up a Member Association. He has also been good enough to keynote our conference in 2005 in Athens. This is the time that many people heard of IPMA in Greece.”

We congratulate these globally recognized and respected professional leaders.

Source: PM-Greece