Millard Fillmore Hospital; Seven Year Plan & $150 Million Dollars



One of the largest projects in Buffalo’s economic development pipeline

Reported by Alexander Ehms in Buffalo

25 November 2015 – Buffalo, NY, USA – The demolition of the main portion of the former Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital is only the beginning of what will be an anticipated seven year project. The future of the 6.7-acre Gates Circle property is ambiguous as developers propose building plans, while neighbors of the property are in dismay over the current proposals.

151125-pmwj41-Ehms-IMAGEThe concerns from residents center on the design, not the project itself. With additional news from the Buffalo City Planning Board expected as early as November 30th.

Currently the Canterbury Woods Project ($40 million of the projected $150 million dollar program) would consist of a six-story, 88-foot tall complex with approximately 125,000-square-feet. Smaller than the initial hospitals footprint, the new building would be comprised of 58 senior apartment units.

The $150 million development has future plans for 530 residential units, retail stores, a YMCA branch, commercial office space, and talks of a supermarket grocery store.

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