Micro-Webinar: Get Your Project Schedule to Work for You


27 February 2014 – Farmington Hills, MI USA – Vertabase has announced the topic and timing of their next micro-webinar.  The webinar will discuss how to get your project schedule to work for you by Mark Phillips, PMP. The 20 minute webinar will take place on Thursday, March 20th at 3 pm Eastern. The webinar is free. For more information or to register, Click Here.

Too often, we spend our days working the project schedule, instead of having the schedule for us. In this tightly-focused, 20 minute webinar, learn how to reduce administrative overhead, keep everyone on the same page and generate the importance business metrics your group needs all by building the right schedule.

The webinar will be given by Mark Phillips, PMP, principal at Vertabase and board member of the College of Performance Management.  For over 17 years, Mark has helped organizations improve the way they manage projects and accomplish ambitious goals. His works has appeared in publications including C|Net, eWeek, The Measurable News and the Small Wars Journal. His first book by Gower Press is forthcoming in April 2014.


Vertabase is a customer focused company proudly based in Michigan, USA. The company’s flagship product, Vertabase project management software, has been on the market since 1999.  It is used by tens of thousands of people around the world with customers ranging from large public companies, government agencies and universities to small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Vertabase is a dedicated innovator, focused on delivering value to its community of clients.  It is this approach which has contributed to the company’s longevity and success.  Vertabase is a privately held company founded in 1997.  For more information, visit www.vertabase.com.

Press contact: Randy Apt, Coordinator, at Vertabase at [email protected]

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