May PM Summit by PMI Turkey Chapter in Ankara



Major project management conference on Human Factors in Project Management to feature global PMI leaders and industry executives

Reported by İpek Sahra Özgüler in Istanbul

10 May 2017 – Istanbul, Turkey – PMI Turkey Chapter organizes two Project Management Summits every year, one in Ankara and one in İstanbul. This year the Summit taking place in Ankara, Turkey, on the 23rd and 24th of May, puts emphasis on the Human Factor in Project Management and bring the project management professionals to discuss and share experiences on human-focused topics such as Talent Management, Teamwork, Motivation, Communication, Stakeholder Management, Coaching, Leadership, Delegation, Human Resources Management and so on.

People play a very important role in project management. Regardless of the kind of project or the sector; the team, the leader and the stakeholders together determine the destination of the project. Without a great team or a leader, a successful project can never take place and without determined and dedicated stakeholders, the right environment for the project cannot be provided.

Similarly, one of the biggest challenges in the timely completion of a project with a limited amount of budget and resources is to manage the development of the project team in the right direction.

Working with a team of people with different backgrounds, experiences and expectations results in conflicting agendas, personal conflicts and unresolved issues. When it happens, the situation may delay the progress of the project or even suspend or halt the project. Thus, we cannot ignore the importance of the human factor in successful project management. Paul C. Dinsmore, the author of the book Human Factors in Project Management also emphasize this factor as

“Getting things done through people is project management’s main goal. For a project to be successful, people must work together. Team building, conflict management, and communication skills are people-related abilities needed to make a project activities work. Everything on a project starts with people. And a project progresses as a result of human interaction“.

7 international speakers will include PMI’s Immediate Past Chair Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, PMI’s past board members Steve DelGrosso and Deena Gordon Parla, president of the PMI-Metrolina chapter Jennifer Baker, international speakers Kevin Ciccotti and Dave Harbath; top executives like Microsoft Turkey’s Deputy General Manager Levent Erkan, CEO of CCN Investment Holding Murad Bayar, CEO of Selex Turkey Sinan Senol, CEO of Meteksan Defence Co. Tunc Batum, Business Development and Project Management Director of Turksat Co. Omer Faruk Colluoglu and 20 other valuable speakers.

For more information or to register, go to http://pmi.org.tr/summit/ankara/en/