Maximizing Project Success Through Human Performance Published by Management Concepts in USA


10 March 2014 – Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, USA – Management Concepts has announced the publication of a new book, Maximizing Project Success Through Human Performance, by Bernardo Tirado, PMP.  The new project management book is intended to help managers in any type of business or organization develop leadership skills among project team members.

140310-pmwj21-Tirado-IMAGEAccording to Management Concepts’ release, project management is often defined by processes and methodology, but projects are accomplished by people.  Successfully leading those people is the core of the project manager’s job.  Even the seasoned project manager will encounter situations that present unique leadership challenges.

This book by Bernardo Tirado offers a clear path to help develop leadership skills within the project management framework.  Using a hands-on, practical approach, he presents a model for taking any project team member’s skills to the next level. Exercises throughout make the book interactive and offer continual assessments.

Bernardo Tirado, PMP is an industrial psychologist, a Six Sigma Black Belt, and chief executive officer of The Project Box.  The Project Box is a human performance consulting company specializing in project management, sales and social media.  The author has been a senior executive with several Fortune 500 financial firms where he built global shared services, transformed organizations through process improvement, and developed new business capabilities.

Maximizing Project Success through Human Performance, by Bernardo Tirado, published by Management Concepts Press; 2013, 172pages, soft cover, ISBN 987-1-56726-420-3; List price = US$44.00; more at http://store.managementconcepts.com/product_p/001-b203.htm.

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Source: Management Concepts Press