Managing Projects in a World of People, Strategy and Change



New book from Routledge offers new insights on people in projects and strategy in a volatile world

30 October 2018 – Florida, USA – Routledge has announced the publication of a new book titled Managing Projects in a World of People, Strategy and Change, by edited by Darren Dalcher. Published in late August 2018, this book brings together some of the best writing by leading authorities on such topics as trust, ethics, people, psychology, requirements, project performance, audits, uncertainty, anti-fragility, strategic initiatives, governance, change management and commercial management.

According to the CRC release: Project management is at a crossroads: There is a pressing need to rethink the approaches used in initiating, managing and governing projects, programmes and change initiatives. The aim of this book is to progress the dialogue around project practice by shifting the focus from instrumental methods and prescriptive techniques towards a context-sensitive consideration of people, strategy and change.

Projects are initiated to deliver agreed outputs that can be translated into meaningful outcomes capable of satisfying the wishes and expectations for improvement and development. Yet, people, strategy and change, which are largely ignored by the conventional bodies of knowledge, are clearly central to the sustainable and enduring success of projects, efforts and initiatives.

The collection offers an invaluable new resource for informed managers looking to engage with the latest thinking and research. For more about this book, go to https://www.routledge.com/Managing-Projects-in-a-World-of-People-Strategy-and-Change/Dalcher/p/book/9781138326637

Darren Dalcher is Professor in Strategic Project Management at Lancaster University Management School. He is the Founder and Director of the National Centre for Project Management. He has written over 200 refereed papers and book chapters and published over 30 books. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Software: Evolution and Process and Editor of two established book series focused on managing projects and change initiatives, published by Routledge. He is an Honorary Fellow of the APM.  To learn more about Darren Dalcher, click here.

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