Managing Complex Construction Projects



12 April 2018 – New York, USA – Routledge and CRC Press have published a new book by John K. Briesemeister titled Managing Complex Construction Projects: A Systems Approach. Published in March 2018, this new book presents a systems-based approach to construction project management that can facilitate a greater understanding of the complexity inherent in large construction projects and how that complexity can be effectively managed.

According to the Routledge release: To many program, project, or construction managers, a complex project seems to be a labyrinth with many hidden dangers. This book is a guide through that labyrinth. It explains best practices and provides insight so they cannot only identify hidden dangers but also effectively manage the construction process to either mitigate or eliminate these risks.

The problem with complex programs and projects is that many managers are only equipped with a knowledge of project management. A system for construction is a collection of many processes effectively working together to produce a specific deliverable, which is usually defined in the program or project’s contract. This system has a series of specific inputs and outputs, which are what the customer expects from the company or companies performing the work. This book develops checklists based on these inputs and outputs, which managers can use when first arriving onsite, and provides a “nuts and bolts” approach for managing a complex construction project onsite.

John Briesemeister has worked in the power industry as an engineer, construction manager, site manager, and project manager since the mid1980s. A mechanical engineer, he has holds an MBA, a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Project Management. He has worked in the field on various large, complex construction projects for the past thirty years. In 2016, he was awarded the Donald S. Barrie Award in Construction Management at the PMI® Global Congress for his paper “Construction Execution Plan Alignment for Successful Construction Projects.”

For more about this book, go to https://www.routledge.com/Managing-Complex-Construction-Projects-A-Systems-Approach/Briesemeister/p/book/9781498783118

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Source: Routledge