Major Projects Association offers new event summaries



Summaries and reports from lectures, seminars and other events about major projects available on MPA website

9 October 2014 – Oxford, UK – The Major Projects Association (MPA) in the UK has announced the availability of new style highlight reports from recent events, available for members and nonmembers. Full reports remain available to members. MPA events include lectures, meetings, seminars and an annual conference.

141009-pmwj28-new-IMAGE2According to their announcement: For the past 32 years the MPA has taken great pride in the quality of our events and the thoroughness of our seminar reports. As part of our future development the Board has decided that we will build upon this strength and offer new style reports which offer members (and non-members) different ways of finding out about the discussions we have held.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to work out what these new reports might look like and are delighted to say that we have fixed upon, what we think it, a winning formula. Going forward, after each event, we will now produce, very quickly, a two-page highlights document, and in slightly slower time a 10-page interactive short report in addition to our usual full seminar report.

To improve the delivery of major projects it is necessary to learn from past mistakes and from one another. Therefore MPA records all of their seminars – the presentations from speakers and contributions from delegates – to create detailed pdf reports of these events. The full reports are available to members. Non-members can access the summaries. Some recent examples include:

To see the complete list and access documents, visit http://www.majorprojects.org/knowledge/pasteventsknowledge.php.

The Major Projects Association (MPA) is a member association for organisations engaged in the delivery and the development of major projects, programmes and portfolios. Established in 1981 and based in Oxford, England, MPA was founded specifically for sharing experience, knowledge and ideas about major projects – both successes and failures – to help others avoid mistakes and to incorporate good practice, in order that future projects would be better initiated and delivered. Membership comprises organisations engaged in a wide range of commercial and public enterprises, operating in a wide variety of fields. For more information, visit http://www.majorprojects.org/.