Leading and Managing Innovation to be free book drawing prize through December



2013 Book by Russ and Shane Archibald to be published in Italian and Brazilian Portuguese

7 July 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – PM World has announced that Russell and Shane Archibald have agreed to offer a copy of their popular 2013 book Leading and Managing Innovation: What Every Executive Needs Must Know about Project, Program and Portfolio Management as a prize for monthly free book drawings through December 2014.  Monthly drawings for free project management books are held for members of the PM World Library.  Books offered in upcoming drawings can be found at http://pmworldlibrary.net/upcoming-book-drawings/. Information about the book Leading and Managing Innovation can be found at http://leadingandmanaginginnovation.com/

140707-pmw25-Archibalds-IMAGEThe book is also being translated and published in Italy and Brazil.

According to Russ Archibald, “The book will be released in Italian and Brazilian Portuguese in August, 2014. The Italian version, translated by Prof. Dr. Marco Sampietro and published by FrancoAngeli, will contain a brief introduction by Marco along with 3 new Italian case studies.  The Brazilian version will contain an introduction by the translators, Peter Mello and Marcus Possi, plus a foreword by Prof. Dr. Darci Prado, and will be published by Brasport.”

The book provides a clear understanding and comprehensive perspective of the management discipline called Project Management. It is intended to help readers give excellent direction to executives and managers with the assurance that a vital capability in this field of management – how to manage innovation – moves any endeavor to successful outcome.

According to the book, a project is the best – perhaps only – method of achieving innovation.  Simply throwing an idea on the table at a staff meeting and seeing if anyone will start making it happen will not get the job done. Innovation begins in every case with an idea generated by an individual or a group of people collaborating to solve a problem, develop a new product or service, or to satisfy a customer need. Innovation is the process that transforms ideas into commercial value.  Transforming the idea into measurable reality is rarely, if ever, the result of one person’s effort; it requires a structured approach to bring together the skills and other resources needed for success.

A cohesive team is essential – much like an orchestra – to define the resulting project in terms of its objectives, scope, cost and other resources, and its schedule for completion. This is project management at the basic level.

David Pells, PM World Journal managing editor and managing director of the new PM World Library stated, “The book by Russ and Shane Archibald has proven very popular to winners of our drawings.  Nearly every winner has it among their top three and often their first choice.  We are very happy that Russ and Shane will continue to ship copies of their book to winners around the world.  We also want to congratulate them on the translation of their book into Italian and Brazilian Portuguese this year.”

Russell D. Archibald, PhD (Hon), MSc-ME, BSc-M, PMP, is a Founding Member and Fellow of PMI; Honorary Fellow of APM/IPMA in the UK, and Chairman Emeritus of Archibald Associates LLC.  Russ is a globally recognized author, consultant and lecturer on project management with a career spanning more than 65 years. Russ has broad international experience in engineering, operations, program and project management as Management Consultant (Archibald Associates, Booz-Allen-Hamilton, CPM Systems, Inc.), Corporate Executive (Bendix, ITT), and Military/Aerospace (USAF Senior Pilot, Hughes Aircraft, Aerojet-General.) He has consulted to a wide variety of large and small organizations in many industries worldwide.

Russ is the author of Managing High Technology Programs and Projects (3rd edition, Wiley 2003) (published in four languages), co-author of Network Based Management Information Systems (PERT/CPM) (1967), and author of 12 chapters in 9 books edited by others. Russ has presented 70 papers over the years at PMI, International Project Management Association (IPMA), and other conferences around the world and is widely published in periodicals on professional project management. He holds Bachelor of Science (University of Missouri 1948) and Master of Science (University of Texas, Austin 1956) degrees in Mechanical Engineering. As a pioneer in the field, Russ received an honorary Ph.D. in strategy, program, and project management from the Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Lille (ESC-Lille), France in 2005, and received the Jim O’Brien Lifetime Achievement Award from the PMI College of Scheduling in 2006. Personal website: www.russarchibald.com.

Shane C. Archibald, BSc, is Managing Principal of Archibald Associates LLC, a consulting firm based in Washington State, USA, that specializes in project and program management and control processes and systems. Shane has 20 years of experience in the development and implementation of advanced, integrated project management processes and systems on large, complex projects and programs in several industries and governmental agencies. Most recently, he implemented the first phase of Project Controls applications and procedures for a large international heavy equipment design-manufacture-installation corporation, including advanced planning, scheduling, cost management, contract management, change management, and risk management processes.  More at http://archibaldassociatesllc.com/

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More about Leading and Managing Innovation: What Every Executive Needs Must Know about Project, Program and Portfolio Management, can be found at http://leadingandmanaginginnovation.com/