Law school student tackles project management



Graduate student at Bocconi University joins PM World Library project management research internship program

13 August 2017 – Dallas, USA and Milan, Italy – PM World has announced that Stefano Castagna, a graduate student at Bocconi University in Italy, has joined the PM World Library’s project management research internship program. Stefano is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Law and Business Administration (CLELI) at Bocconi University in Milan. He is also a candidate to the LLM in International Business Regulation, Litigation and Arbitration at New York University (NYU) School of Law in New York, USA.

Stefano holds a Law Degree from Bocconi University. During his studies and work abroad, he has worked in the field of transfer pricing and international transactions, and has written in international arbitration and tax. His studies during his MSc degree led him to gain an interest in project management and valuation connected to law-related issues, such as optimisation of time and resources in litigation and arbitration proceedings, and project management of international law and treaty making.

According to PM World Library Director David Pells, “I’m very happy to welcome Stefano to the internship program. There are two important aspects of project management that are related to laws and the legal profession. First are the legal issues that many projects and project managers must worry about, such as contracts, claims, litigation, copyrights, joint venture agreements, regulatory compliance and others. If a project crosses borders in any way, those legal issues become more complicated.”

“The second area of interest to attorneys and law firms,” Pells continues, “is related to the planning and management of major legal ‘projects’. For example, international litigation or arbitration cases, multi-party joint ventures, public-private partnerships, international regulatory compliance, etc. Stefano understands the relevance of project management to his professional plans in the legal field. Based on his research, we will be adding access to legal resources in the PMWL over the next few months.”

According to Stefano, “I was in Vienna in July representing the American Society of International Law as a delegate to the 50th meeting of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. My participation reinforced my interest in the library internship, since the Commission has crafted several tools that at least in part deal with project management aspects in international trade. My current interests are related to contract negotiation and commercial litigation/arbitration in an international setting, and it will be quite interesting to see how these topics interact with project management.”

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Follow Stefano’s research at https://pmworldlibrary.net/stefano-castagna/

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