Kamil Mroz from Belgium is IPMA Young Project Manager of the Year 2013


Reported by Luca Cavone in Dubrovnik and Milan 

4 October 2013 – Dubrovnik, Croatia – At the end of the Global Young Crew Workshop in Dubrovnik, during the IPMA Young Crew gala dinner on 28 September 2013, Kamil Mroz from Belgium was announced the winner of the Young Project Manager of the Year Award for 2013.  Mr. Mroz received his award and additional recognition during the IPMA Awards Gala Dinner in Dubrovnik on 1 October 2013.

131004-pmwj15-mroz-IMAGE 1

Kamil Mroz, winner of the Young Project Management of the Year is awarded during official ceremony at IPMA Gala Dinner 

Kamil released a short interview just after the announcement, while still being very excited for the achievement; here are some extracts from his words:

131004-pmwj15-mroz-IMAGE 2“I’m so happy to be honored with this award that means so much for me, because it really recognizes the work that myself and my team have been doing during the last year to make this project a success. The project I submitted for the application deals with young people unemployment across Europe; it was really something valuable and there are so many lessons learned to take away for project managers in general and not only for young professionals. I feel now to have more energy to do more, to apply for something bigger, push harder and make more projects with larger impact.” 

The Finalists

Three finalists were nominated at beginning of September and were awarded a sponsorship to join the IPMA World Congress and Young Crew Global Workshop in Dubrovnik:

  • Mukunda Adhikari, from Nepal
  • Kamil Mroz, from Belgium
  • Cristian Soto, from Bolivia

These honorees have demonstrated invaluable impact to both their profession and their companies, and are on the fast track to becoming influential project leaders on an international scale.

As in IPMA tradition for the Project Excellence Award, all the applicants, and all the finalists are IPMA Winners! And this year we especially honor Kamil Mroz, as the winner of the Young Project Manager of the Year – 2013. 

About The Award

The IPMA Young Project Manager of the Year (YPMY) is a new category of IPMA Award that provides the opportunity for industry recognition, at both the project and individual level. This award gives an insight into the rapidly increasing number of dynamic young professionals who have embraced project management as a profession, which has evidently resulted in a rapidly growing number at both emerging and young project managers worldwide. The award is aimed at recognizing the laudable achievements of young professionals who have participated in or led the successful delivery of outstanding projects. Projects whose outcome has had a remarkable effect towards service delivery, business transformation and likewise social change.

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