Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences launches new Master Study in IT Project Management


Reported by Rüdiger Geist in Zurich

17 December 2013 – Zurich, Switzerland – The Institute for Business Informatics at the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences in Zurich is following a holistic, interdisciplinary and international approach in education. The school has announced a new Master of Applied Science (MAS) degree focused on Information Technology (IT) Project Management

131217-pmwj18-geist-IMAGE1This MAS is not only registered with IPMA (registered Education Programme), but is also an important part within the best practice oriented research of the PMUniNet (International Network for Professional Education and Research in Process- and Project Management).

The MAS allows to follow up with a certification in project management (IPMA, PMI, Hermes), which also builds the base for being the official educational partner of the Swiss Project Management Association (spm).

Content and struture

The MAS in IT-Project Management consists of three semesters and a master thesis. The first semester leads to a CAS in Project Management, which builds the base for further consolidation. It covers initiation, planning, execution, monitoring & control and closing.


The systemic consolidation

It consists out of three CAS (CAS Project management, CAS IT-Governance, CAS IT-risk management and –compliance and the master thesis). The two CAS (IT-Governance und IT-risk management and -compliance) correspond with the DAS in systemic project management.

Consolidation in Leadership 

The MAS Leadership consists of CAS Project Management, the ECA registered and certified CAS Coaching Practitioner, and the CAS Diversity Project management and the master thesis.

 For more information, visit http://www.kalaidos-fh.ch/Athemia/Certificate-of-Advanced-Studies/CAS-FH-Project-Management?sc_lang=de-CH