IPMA Young Crew Management Board for 2013-2014 selected


Reported by Natalia Majcher in Poland

January 2013 has seen the formation of what will be the new IPMA Young Crew Management Board, the group of people who will be leading the activities for young project managers during the next two years. After the election of Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz (Spain) as Chairman of Young Crew in Baku last September, the IPMA has undertaken a selection process to determine who will form team with him during the period comprising 2013 and 2014. The new board has been taking on their positions since the start of the year, and their activities are starting to take shape.


 A few Young Crew members in Crete, Greece during the Global Young Crew Workshop 2012. Young Project Managers shaping the future of PM, have now a new leading team. Photo by Les Squires

The new team is formed by members coming from very different countries. Luca Cavone (Italy) and Samuli Karjalainen (Finland) will continue to be part of the board, and the team gets reinforced by Natalia Majcher (Poland), Alena Vejsadová (Czech Republic), Mladen Vukomanovic (Croatia). “I believe we have a competent and balanced team” says Daniel, “The last years have set the bar high, but we are definitely set to bring the IPMA Young Crew to a whole new level!”.

The team presents a balance of different skills, personalities and cultures at many levels, which is a promise of great achievements in the next two years. What they all share, and have proven in the past, is the enthusiasm and experience as Young Crew members. The first virtual meetings have proved useful in setting preliminary roles to each one of those members. Luca Cavone will continue leading coordination activities between established Young Crews in different countries, and all the projects that are oriented to such coordination. Samuli Karjalainen will open the IPMA Young Crew to partnerships with companies. Natalia Majcher will be responsible for Brand Management, keeping you informed of everything that happens internationally. Alena Vejsadová will be in charge of extending the idea of IPMA Young Crew into new countries, and coaching people starting up their new Young Crew. Mladen Vukomanovic will be leading innovation, channeling those new ideas happening everywhere in our network.

One of the key visions in this board is to bring out the power that is inside the IPMA Young Crew as a change agent in society, and to use that to shape the future. The world is changing rapidly: teams become distributed and virtual, job positions become volatile and force individuals to act as project managers, the marketplace is constantly disrupted by new ideas and companies brought together by young individuals, and mankind faces the biggest challenges for survival of its existence. IPMA Young Crew doesn’t want to only see it happen. They want to lead the change, and make sure what they offer reflects this new reality.

A perfect example, in this case of adapting to the distributed work environment, is the “Welcome 2013 Gathering”. This online social event saw Young Crew members from all over the world spend an evening together, talking about their plans for next year and just getting to know each other. It was like social (face-to-face) get-togethers so common around the Christmas and New Year’s Eve in some cultures, but for an online community spread all around the globe. More events like this – social, educational, or other – are expected to happen more and more often in the future.

The past few weeks has been already productive and exciting, with team members more and more focused in their activities. The new board has had virtual meetings to start the teambuilding process, and has met up with the previous members (Gloria Costa, Maria Simek, Estuardo Calderon Scheel) to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible. “Being with the IPMA YC MB team was an unexpected and unforgettable experience of learning and developing my own and the others PM competences”, says Gloria Costa, “A very very (very!) special thank you to Samuli Karjalainen, Maria Simek, Estuardo Calderón Scheel, Luca Cavone and Daniel Collado-Ruiz, for being the great team you were and teaching me so much! And now, I wish all the best and lots of successful projects for the new IPMA YC MB! Keep moving forward!“ The first face-to-face meeting of these two teams will take place in March, during the IPMA’s Council of Delegates in Warsaw, where officially the handover will take place.

But you do not need to wait until then to meet the team. Let us introduce the people who will be leading the IPMA Young Crew for the next two years.

daniel-collado-ruizDr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz, Chairman of Young Crew,  works as a researcher at the Universidad Politècnica de Valencia, in Spain. Holding a Ph.D in Development, Sustainability, and Ecodesign, he has worked in projects related to design for sustainability and life cycle assessment in the packaging, toy, and electronic sectors in the research group Integration of Design & Environmental Assessment (ID&EA). Daniel has also conducted research in ecoinnovation, sustainability, creativity and distributed teamwork, and given lectures at different universities around the world. In parallel to these achievements, Daniel takes off his academic hat to chair the IPMA Young Crew.

He is passionate about fostering networking capabilities, learning more and more each day, and challenging those that say “it is impossible”. Through this network, Daniel has been involved in Coaching for Development as the project manager, has actively participated in the start-up and organization of the creACTivity workshops, and was co-lead in the organization of the Young Crew Workshop during the IPMA World Congress in Istanbul in 2010, and Head of Innovation and Project Owner of the Global Young Crew Workshop during 2011 and 2012.

luca-cavoneLuca Cavone, Head of Membership, works as Consultant for an Italian-Japanese Management Consulting Company being employed in the Innovation Management Division. After his Master of Science in Electronic Engineering he attended a Master Degree in Project Management at MIP Business School of Politecnico di Milano. Before joining consultancy, Luca has worked several years in Industry, leading projects in Space & Defense market. He is IPMA Certified Project Management Associate Level D.

Luca joined the IPMA family in 2009 being one of the founders of IPMA YC Italy, and holding Chairman position until March 2011. Since the start-up, YC Italy reached a level of maturity shortly and Luca has been very active in all YC activities and events both on national and international level introducing new innovative ideas. He was also in the team that conceived creACTivity workshops, and organized such event in Milan. Luca is currently Member of Italian Project Management Academy (Italian MA) and part of its Management Board as VP for of the website.

samuli-karjalainenSamuli Karjalainen, Head of Corporate Partnership, was born in Finland, commonly known as “the forest”, where 70% of the country is covered in pine and spruce trees. Previously, Sam has worked for a software development company as a coder and operator where he focused on marketing and selling products to different clients. In 2003, he became an entrepreneur and founded “Momentti Ltd.” with a few of his friends. Today, Momentti is part of the ForestAgency with a staff of 15 employees working in the fields of marketing, professional events, and training/coaching.

Sam is an experienced project manager who has worked on a variety of projects both large and small. He served as the project manager for the 23rd IPMA World Congress — 2009 in Helsinki, Finland, and successfully delivered the project to completion. Sam has also previously managed smaller projects for the IPMA World Congress, and continues to participate in marketing and advertising. Friends, colleagues, and family refer to Sam as “Forestman”.

natalia majcherNatalia Majcher, Head of Brand Management, studied Management at the Gdansk University of Technology. She currently works as consultant Junior Consultant at AMG.net, an IT company in Warsaw, where her main focus is on projects of Customer Relationship Management software. Those that have worked with her do not hesitate in describing Natalia as passionately team-oriented. Performing in A-teams, contributing to their formation and development, or simply making them work more efficiently, is what makes her thrive. And even more so if the team is distributed and virtual, the challenge of the XXI century!

Being part of amazing teams, team building, making teams work more effective and enjoyable, virtual collaboration is what drives her and keeps her motivated. As she still develops in the project management field, and finds the right spot for her in the business world, Young Crew is THE organization where she sees herself. She has been an active team member in various of its projects, both nationally and internationally, including projects as important as the Global Young Crew Workshop, the Global eCollaboration Competition, or the eMeetings. Her personal vision is to support and guide Young Crew members in international projects, and strengthening the multinational – and virtual – collaboration among the Young Crew community.

alena-vejsadovaAlena Vejsadová, Head of Development, is currently studying a master program in the Faculty of Informatics and Management, at University of Hradec Králové, in CzechRepublic, focusing on Information Management. During that period, she has been actively involved for more than five years in University government, as a member of Students Chamber of Academic Senate of University of Hradec Králové, and of the Students Chamber of Academic Senate of Faculty of Informatics and Management. She has also been involved in research activities, and has been evaluated among the best students of faculty three times already.

She is also IPMA Certified Project Management Associate Level D. Alena is active member of Young Crew in CzechRepublic since 2009. She started there leading project “Spanilé jízdy”, aimed at encouraging university students to learn more about project management. Due to her performance in this project, she was elected as Vice Chairman three times, where she was in charge of the key projects and activities. At an international level, she has been a key part of some of the IPMA Young Crew’s most innovative projects. Alena was a key component of the Core Team of the Global eCollaboration Competition in its first edition on 2012, and has been also one of the reference people of managing the Project Management Championship but nationally and internationally. Some of her areas of expertise, of which she has conducted different workshops, are distributed teamwork and use of Microsoft Project in project management.

mladen vukomanovicMladen Vukomanovic, Head of Innovation, works as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Zagreb and as visiting professor at the University of Sarajevo. He teaches Project Management and Construction Management courses. He has been involved in two research projects which have resulted in more than 40 publications, among which two books. He has participated in many international conferences and has held three keynote speeches. He leads an IT project for developing software for construction management – GALA and a research project that is sponsored by Croatian Association for Construction Management: „Business Excellence in the Construction Industry in Croatia“.

Since 2009 he obtains the function of the managing editor of international scientific journal: Organization, Technology & Management in Construction. His research interests focus on: Project Management Processes (including methodologies, tools & techniques), Performance management, Key Performance Indicators, Benchmarking, TQM, Business Excellence and Strategic Management. Besides working for the university he is actively involved in International Project Management Association (IPMA). Currently he takes parts in both IPMA Delta, as a member of the core team, and a member in IPMA ICB/ICRG 4.0 program. Furthermore for the last three years he has been held responsible for developing IPMA Young Crew in Croatia (currently counts about 120 members).

IPMA Young Crew is a key component of IPMA’s growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow. We are an active network of young professional project managers and students aged 25 to 35 who believe in community and the building of a worldwide young professional project management family. With over 20 member countries, IPMA Young Crew strives to provide experiential learning through interaction and information exchange with young project managers. For more information about IPMA Young Crew, visit www.ipma.ch/young-crew/.

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