IPMA Young Crew announces Global eCollaboration Competition



Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo) event organized by IPMA Young Crew enables young project management professionals to get competences and skills that will help them in their future career to work in virtual international teams

Reported by Vlatka Večerin & Oluwaseyi Sodola

7 September 2015 – The Young project managers in IPMA Young Crew are organizing Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo 2015) – international case study competition in virtual teams – for the 4th year in a row. The aim of the event is to get young project managers to experience work in virtual teams and in multicultural environment that becomes usual in project management nowadays. Information at www.become.pm/gecco

150907-pmwj38-gecco2015-IMAGEVirtual project teams are a usual part of project management in the global economy nowadays. Striving for lower costs and performance optimisation drives companies beyond the border or beyond their continent enabling global benefits. Virtual project teams are very well defined by Powell, Piccoli and Ives in their literature “as groups of geographically, organizationally and/or time dispersed workers brought together by information and telecommunication technologies to accomplish one or more organizational tasks.”

On this collaboration many factors influence the output of the work and different challenges are found on that way. Project management literature and many experiments are covering this topic providing guidelines and real situation examples but for young project managers, with lack of experience it is hard to follow.

Young PM professionals will work on virtual projects throughout their career so the virtual international environment is something they will meet in their professional life. In this different environment it is hard to learn unless they are given the opportunity to practice. This is the reason why Global eCollaboration Competition (GeCCo) should be an important experience for any young PM professional.

For the 4th year in a row, Young Crew is organizing the GeCCo event – the event whose goal is to bring together all YCs, enhance the cooperation between them and to spread awareness of the importance and benefits of virtual teams.

The concept of GeCCo is to connect participants in multinational teams in a virtual environment to work on a project management case study for 24 hours. During the competition, not everything is about work; it is also about getting to know each other, share knowledge and experience with team mates, and get insights from professional keynote speakers and GeCCo organizers. This year the event enables even more learning by introducing GeCCo Academy that will take place every 2nd week starting from 14th September.

This year GeCCo will be held on 7th and 8th November and for participating 16 national Young Crews have applied. Now is the time for young project managers to embrace the opportunity that they have and apply for individual participation at their Local Organizers.

All information about application and GeCCo are avilable on the official web site www.become.pm/gecco .

In order to develop PM skills, the best performing team assessed by the Jury Committee will have a chance to take the IPMA Level D certification that would built their competences and provide global recognition of them. It is important to be aware that today the road to virtual project success is a trip around the world and GeCCo is the best starting point.

IPMA Young Crew is a key component of IPMA’s growth and development of the leaders of tomorrow. Young Crew is an active network of young professional project managers and students aged 25 to 35 who believe in community and the building of a worldwide young professional project management family. With over 20 member countries, IPMA Young Crew strives to provide experiential learning through interaction and information exchange with young project managers. For more information about IPMA Young Crew, visit www.ipma.ch/young-crew/

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