IPMA-USA Offers February Webinar on Engaging Talent Management to Increase Project Success



You’ve read the paper; now, see the movie! 

January 26, 2016 – Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – Stacy Goff’s paper, “Acquiring, Developing, and Retaining Project Talent: How the Right Talent Improves Project and Business Success, was featured in the January 2016 PM World Journal. That paper is also the basis for the February 17th IPMA-USA webinar, and registration is now open. Given that this is a webinar, not a 160126-pmwJ43-ipma-IMAGE1movie, let us slightly adjust the poetic license tagline above, “You’ve read the paper, now see the webinar!”

To register—and participate in this webinar, see the information below.

Details for the February Webinar: Engaging Talent Management to Increase Project Success

This Dialogue Series webinar event emphasizes the role of Talent Management (with insights from Knowledge Management) in helping savvy organizations to improve business success through projects.

Event Date: February 17, 2016 Time: 3:00PM EST, for one hour Cost: Free; limited seats available! Register at this GoToWebinar Link. Registration is open now!

160126-pmwJ43-ipma-IMAGE2The topics we will discuss include: 1. What Is Talent? Where do we get it? 2. Project Talent Acquisition, Development and Retention 3. Desperately Seeking Talent: The Talent Tetrahedron 4. The Stairway to Talent Development 5. Project Roles and Talent Requirements 6. Managing Talent Retention

In this session, we identify a new way of visualizing the progression from low-impact, easy to transfer talent levels, to high business impact, difficult to transfer talent levels. And, acknowledging that the talent areas we seek go beyond technical processes, most professional associations now understand that we are also seeking Leadership and interpersonal skills, plus Strategic linkage and Business Context savvy. But that’s still not enough! What is the secret sauce, the rare Talent Area, that is often missing? Where do we find it, because it seldom comes from the project or program manager?

Audience–This Dialogue Series Webinar is for:

  • Project Managers, who seek higher performance and better results from your efforts.
  • PMO (Project Management Office) Managers and Consultants, who want greater effectiveness in the initiatives you support.
  • Resource Managers, who must acquire, develop, prioritize, assign, and successfully retain Project Talent.
  • Project Sponsors, who require higher levels of project success, and increased business results.
  • Portfolio Managers, who expect increased business value from your project and program initiatives.
  • Corporate and Government Executives, who want to learn more about the business value of managing Project and Program Talent.

About the Presenter STACY A. GOFF, the PM Per4mance Coach, is CEO of ProjectExperts®, a USA-based global Project, Program & Portfolio Management (PPPM) consulting and training company. He is co-founder and past President of IPMA-USA, was 2011-2014 VP of Marketing & Events for IPMA® (the International Project Management Association), and in September 2015, was named an IPMA Honorary Fellow.

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