IPMA-USA Launches 2016 Dialogue Webinar Series


January 9, 2016, Colorado Springs, Colorado. IPMA-USA Vice President Tim Jaques announces the 2016 Dialogue Webinar Series. This series, highly popular in years past, continues the tradition of compelling and useful topics, great speakers, and high levels of participant interest.

160110-pmwj42-ipma-usa-IMAGE1Based on our recent Member Survey, our webinars are one of our most-preferred activities. This year’s webinar series, planned for one each month, includes the following sessions:

Jan. 20, Introducing the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline; Meg E. Infiorati, PhD. Feb. 17, Engaging Talent Management to Increase Project Success; Stacy Goff. Mar. 16, Meet the New Individual Competence Baseline; Tim Jaques. Apr. 20, Get IPMA-Certified. Why You Need an Advanced Certification; Bill Duncan

Details for the January Webinar: Introducing the IPMA Project Excellence Baseline

Presenter: Meg E. Infiorati, PhD.

Dr. Meg Infiorati, Director of Standards for IPMA-USA. will be leading this webinar on IPMA’s new Project Excellence Baseline (PEB), recently released alongside the new ICB4 (Individual Competence Baseline). The PEB has several purposes in the IPMA world. For example, as an individual guide to delivering project excellence, the PEB supports an individual’s ability to assess themselves and implement “excellence” processes and develop new innovative ideas and approaches.

Event Date: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 Time: 3:00PM EDT Cost: No charge; limited seats available; book fast! To Register: GoToWebinar Link; registration is open now!

The PEB has evolved along with the IPMA award program as well. Individuals who take the 3-day Awards Assessor program, planned for April 2015, use the PEB to assess projects submitted as candidates for the IPMA Excellence Awards program. Individuals participate in teams of five as volunteers assessing a very interesting range of projects.

These projects (and programs) include some of the world’s largest, all the way to some of the smallest, including humanitarian programs, all assessed for evidence of project excellence in performing and completing their objectives.

Finally, a number of organizations use PEB as one for PMO groups to assess excellent project delivery.

Get your introduction to the Project Excellence Baseline in this January webinar; learn more about the PEB and the IPMA Award programs at http://www.ipma.world/.

Audience–This Dialogue Series Webinar is for:

* Project Managers who want to know what Project Excellence is all about–and how to develop it. * PMO (Project Management Office) Managers who want smarter ways to evaluate projects and programs you support. * Project Sponsors who know what Project Excellence should “feel like,” but have difficulty achieving it. * Portfolio Managers who expect increased business value–even Excellence, from all your project and program initiatives. * Corporate Executives who need to learn more about the strengths of organizations that deliver Project Excellence.


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