IPMA Project Excellence Training in the USA, April 10-12



28 January 2016 – Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – IPMA-USA Director of Standards Meg Infiorati, announces that registration is now open for the USA’s first-ever training on the IPMA Project Excellence Model. The event, planned for Southfield, MI, near Detroit, will be three intensive days of learning, discussion, case study application, and assessment preparedness.

160128-pmwj43-ipma-project-IMAGE1The focus is the globally-in-demand IPMA Project Excellence Model, and the new release of the Project Excellence Baseline (PEB). This new update reflects the experience of IPMA and our Awards Teams over 15 years of assessing the world’s most important, and most successful projects and programs.

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In addition to this training, other offerings of this event around the world this Winter and Spring include Amsterdam, Warsaw, Kuala Lumpur, Kathmandu, and Milan. See the schedule, locations, and sign-up links for all these IPMA Awards events.

What You Will Do In This Training

  • You will take part in a training session to get to know the IPMA Project Excellence Model. Not only will you be able to use this in your position in your organization, but this training will also prepare you to assess Global projects if you choose to participate as a Project Excellence Award Assessor.
  • You will practice how to use the model to objectively assess projects to identify excellence and areas for improvement.
  • During the workshop you will gain valuable insights as to how an acting project team would assess a project, whether within your own organization or for an IPMA PE Award applicant. You will discuss methods, plans, procedures, matters of success and problems likely encountered during project planning and delivery.
  • You will have the opportunity to discuss and exchange views with experienced international colleagues during the training.
  • You will practice and develop the skills required to be able to carry out an unbiased assessment of a project. You will learn how to assess the excellence of the project management, define strong points, and areas for improvement. These skills will be useful for your organization and, potentially, for your customers as well.

160128-pmwj43-ipma-project-IMAGE2About the Presenters

The training presentation team consists of Pau Lian Staal-Ong, Grzegorz Szałajko, Meg Infiorati, and Peter Milson; they are from (respectively) The Netherlands, Poland, USA, and Canada. The reason for this large number of team members is the intensive case application and coaching in this unique, intensive training.

Entry Criteria

  1. Age: above 30
  2. Experience in working as a project manager: min 5 years or experience in working as a consultant in project management: min 7 years
  3. Member of any one of the IPMA National Member Associations
  4. All registrant applications will be cross-matched with their stated member association.

For More Information

  • See this blog post perspective on “What does it take to reach excellence in projects?”
  • To see prior years’ IPMA International Project Excellence Awards winners, click here.
  • To download the Project Excellence Baseline (when it becomes available) click here.
  • If you are ready to apply for the IPMA Project Excellence Award for 2016, click here.

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