IPMA Italy launches new Applied Journal of Project Management



16 July 2015 – Milan, Italy – IPMA Italy, the project management section of ANIMP, the Italian member association of the International Project Management Association (IPMA®), has launched a new project management journal that will be published on a quarterly basis. The “IPMA Italy Journal of Applied Project Management” (IIJAPM) is primarily in Italian language, but with some articles in English by international contributors. The editor of the new journal is Prof. Antonio Calabrese, School of Management, POLYTECNICO MILANO.

150716-pmwJ37-applied-IMAGEThe first edition of the new IIJAPM can be found at http://ipma.it/ipma/index.php/journal-of-applied-project-management. The second edition is in production.

According to Prof. Calabrese, “Our aim is to contribute in diffusing knowledge, knowhow and best practices among the community of project managers and any other people interested in project management and in projects. In principle, as IPMA Italy, we refer to the Italian community, but since we would like to get papers and contributions even from abroad in order to maximize the benefit to our readers, I think in some way the journal could be interesting even more broadly.”

“The broad perspective of the journal is strengthened by the International Advisory Board that IPMA Italy appointed for the journal, joined by Morten Fangel, Stacy Goff, Erik Mansson, Jesus Martinez Almela, Ding Ronggui and Bill Young,” Antonio continued. “It is basically a journal written in Italian, but some of the papers are in English (the first edition has two articles in English by Morten Fangel and Roberto Mori).”

The IIJAPM is an open source journal at http://ipma.it/ipma/index.php/pubblicazioni/journal and is available to all readers, with the possibility of free download.

IPMA Italy is based on the evolution of the Section of Project Management of ANIMP (National Association of Industrial Plant Engineering), which is for Italy the Member Association of IPMA® (International Project Management Association). Since 2000 ANIMP has the exclusive on national territory for the professional certification of project managers according to IPMA methodology and mandated the IPMA representative in Italy. Based in Milan, IPMA Italy has website at http://ipma.it/ipma/

IPMA® (International Project Management Association) is the first and one of the largest international associations of Project Management in the world. Born in 1965, it is active in over 50 countries, in each of which is represented by a Member Association. More at http://ipma.ch/