IPMA Italy announces new national board for 2015-2017



Reported by Luca Cavone in Milan

Aldo Gebbia elected president by new board on 10 March

20 March 2015 – Milan, Italy – On March 10, 2015 the first meeting of the new board of IPMA Italy was held in which Aldo Gebbia (Saipem) was elected as President for the period March 2015 – March 2017.

During the meeting the following board members were confirmed:150320-pmwj33-ipma-ITALY LOGO

  • Laura Agostini, GE Oil & Gas
  • Antonio Calabrese, Politecnico di Milano
  • Franco Concari, Technip Italy
  • Peter Gauna, ANIMP
  • Giancarlo Montanari, Ansaldo Energia
  • Roberto Mori, Tenova
  • Giuseppe Pugliese, ANIMP / IPMA
  • Giancarlo Scotti, Tecnimont
  • Sandro Severoni, Telespazio
  • Luca Tonello, Bonatti

Here are some significant outlines from the welcome speech of the new president:

“The greeting of a new President always starts with a thank you for the confidence expressed by the Members of the Association: I also want to add that I strongly feel the responsibility that I took together with the renewed Board.

We intend to operate in continual respect for the past Presidents and we give thanks for the growth and value achieved by our community and for the recognition and prestige gained by the Member Association at International level.

We operate in a business environment characterized by very rapid changes that require a sophisticated ability to predict emerging scenarios and adaptive reactivity adequate to meet the need to pursue goals by identifying and managing risks earlier in the pipeline.

The challenges of the complexity and dynamism must therefore be faced and overcome in order not to regress: each balance achieved is unstable and therefore dangerous if it leads to an illusory consolidation of the status quo, or to discourage the trend.

Updating the Organization to develop the ability to work by ‘project’ is a fundamental decision, and in many cases a solution for the success of companies and organizations.

IPMA Italy will continue to engage in the promotion of the culture of Project Management in all areas, and facilitate a fruitful exchange of experiences and best practices between different businesses and with universities and other entities, including institutions.

One last word is addressed to the young and the Young Crew in particular: someone said that if after turning fifty years old we do not begin to give back what we have received until then, we are not just selfish but stupid! We should commit in this spirit to develop the Project Managers of tomorrow!”

Aldo Gebbia

President, IPMA Italy