IPMA Introduces Three new Excellence Awards


Reported by Ewa Bednarczyk in Krakow

3 May 2013 – Zurich, Switzerland and Krakow, Poland – The International Project Management Association (IPMA) has announced three new categories in the organization’s Excellence Awards Program, as follows:

  • Community Service/Development Projects
  • Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Project
  • Project Manager of the Year


The IPMA Project Excellence Awards is the most prestigious global recognition program devoted to the advancement of the project management (PM) profession. In 2013, IPMA have expanded the program to include its new Project Achievement Awards.

For the first time in its history, IPMA will be recognising project management achievement within the sectors of “Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Projects” and “Community Service / Development Projects”. Coupled with these awards will be an award to recognise the individual career achievements of Individual Project Managers.

Projects within the Humanitarian and Community Service sectors are often the projects which make a real different in the social, cultural and economic development of many of the world’s most vulnerable people. Project mangers working within these sectors are often required to have highly developed communication and innovative ways of delivering often sensitive and complex projects in remote locations.

By recognising the importance of such projects, IPMA is not only seeking to recognise achievement by project management teams responsible for the delivery of these projects, but also to facilitate further development of project management skills to improve the effectiveness of delivering a sustainable environment to the people in these regions.

The creation of the Individual Project Manager Award not only recognises an individual’s career achievements, but also gives organisations a platform to boost employee morale, engagement and performance by providing a pathway to seek international peer recognition. For the organisations, it allows the potential for recognition of the level of their PM maturity within the organisation as well as the ability to seek positive publicity for the management of projects delivered.

For more information please visit: http://ipma.ch/awards/achievement-awards/ or contact the IPMA Award Office Manager Ms. Ewa Bednarczyk [email protected].

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