Introduction to Supply Chain Management: A Global Supply Chain Support Perspective – new book by Edmund Prater and Kim Whitehead published by Business Expert Press in USA


8 March 2013 – Business Expert Press (BEP) in the United States has published a new book by Edmund Prater and Kim Whitehead An Introduction to Supply Chain Management: A Global Supply Chain Support Perspective. This book is part of BEP’s Supply and Operations Management Collection with M. Johnny Rungtusanatham (OhioStateUniversity) as Editor.

introduction-to-supply-chain-managementThis book offers an overview of supply chain management and provides a framework for subsequent, more detailed study in various aspects of supply management. The book reviews the evolution of supply chain management concepts and discusses trends in global markets and strategic competitiveness.

It also focuses on the major issues involved in managing a competitive supply chain including: forecasting, inventory management, distribution, dealing with uncertainty, reverse logistics, and customer service. Coverage of the dynamic, evolving issues pertaining to supply chains that affect the global business community concludes the book. Readers will be better equipped to conceptualize the management of supply chains as a collection of business processes; identify primary and secondary value chain processes; distinguish between the umbrella term, “supply chain management,” and its component functions; and understand the basic tools of forecasting and the need for accurate data and forecasts on which to base supply chain management decisions. To see more about the book, click here.

Dr. Edmund Prater teaches global operations and logistics at the University of Texas at Arlington. He received his Ph.D., M.S.I.E, and M.S.E.E. from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  His work has been published in various research journals including the Journal of Operations Management, the International Journal of Operations & Production Management, and Communications of the ACM, among many others. Besides his academic career he has been employed in the industry as a senior manager in BellSouth’s Technology Assessment Group.

Mrs. Whitehead is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Texas at Arlington. She received her M.B.A. in management from FloridaStateUniversity and a B.B.A. in accounting from GeorgiaCollege. Prior to working on her Ph.D., Mrs. Whitehead worked in the consumer products industry for over 20 years, where she served in multiple financial capacities. Most recently she served for seven years as chief financial officer for a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of consumer products.

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An Introduction to Supply Chain Management: A Global Supply Chain Support Perspective, by Edmund Prater and Kim Whitehead; published by Business Experts Press; February 2013, ISBN: 9781606493755; soft cover, 177 pages; List price = $39.95. http://www.businessexpertpress.com/books/introduction-supply-chain-management-global-supply-chain-support-perspective

Source: Business Expert Press