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Sharing Project Reports and Processing Project Data Just Got Easier; January Webinars announced

16 December 2014 – Farmington Hills, MI, USA – Vertabase has announced the release of the latest version of its project management software, version 5.6, and will be holding 20 minute webinars throughout January highlighting new features. New features are focused on making project reports easier to share, easier to manage and easier to use for post processing. Reservations for the webinar can be made here. More information about the latest release is available on the Vertabase blog post about it.


Send PDF to Anyone – With this new feature, report creators can quickly and easily share reports via e-mail directly from the Vertabase platform. Reports can be sent to anyone, whether they have a Vertabase account or not. Reports are sent as PDF attachments and can be e-mailed to people both within the company or external to the company. Check out the new features in their Send PDF video. This new feature means executives can get an overview of overall project performance, clients can get updates on a project’s progress and team members can update task details all with just a few clicks.

Schedule PDF Sent to Anyone– This new feature allows people to schedule regular delivery of reports and select its frequency, such as daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, etc., on whatever day is preferred. Anybody, whether holding a Vertabase account or not, can receive PDF reports. Working in tandem with the Send PDF feature, scheduled reports are automatically e-mailed as a PDF attachment to the indicated recipients, both within and outside the company. People can pick and choose who should be scheduled to receive the report, such as project managers, team members, clients, or executives. See how it works in the Vertabase Schedule PDF video. For example, with this new scheduling feature, that weekly progress report on key performance indicators will be waiting for executives on Monday morning, automatically.

Raw Data Export – The new export for reports brings flexibility to report creation. The raw data report exports project-related data in unformatted CSV. It is compatible with external programs, such as spreadsheets and databases, allowing more ways to process, format, print, or share data, like project, task, time, budget, expense and resource reports, or to use that data in other software programs. Among the many options are combining data from several Vertabase reports into one, customizing the data layout and generating different views of the data. For example, people can import data into Google spreadsheets and look at the number of projects per status, the number of projects per client, or a host of other different views. Or use the database-ready format to import data into Excel® for sorting, filtering, cross-report spreadsheets and other customizations of data formatting and output. Learn more by viewing the Raw Data Export video.

My Reports – New features and enhancements to the My Reports page in the Vertabase platform make it faster and easier to access report exports. The Excel® export option is now directly available from My Reports, as is the Raw Data CSV export. Also new to My Reports is the Schedule PDF and Send PDF columns, allowing easy access to scheduling and sending e-mail reports. See all the new My Reports enhancements in this My Reports Page video.

Report Export Options – This new enhancement makes exporting and using data more intuitive directly from Report Search Pages and Report Results Pages. The new group labels, View, Print, Export and Send, are defined by purpose for quicker identification of their functions. These options are available on all reports, including project, task, time, resource, budget and expense reports.

Current Vertabase project management software clients will receive an email with details about the upgrade schedule. You can learn more about these new features in webinars throughout January (visit Vertabase.eventbrite.com) or by contacting Vertabase directly at [email protected] to schedule a personal demo.

Vertabase is a customer focused company proudly based in Michigan. The company’s flagship product, Vertabase project management software, has been on the market since 1999. It is used by tens of thousands of people around the world with customers ranging from large public companies, government agencies and universities to small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Vertabase is a dedicated innovator, focused on delivering value to its community of clients. It is this approach which has contributed to the company’s longevity and success. Vertabase is a privately held company founded in 1997. For more information, visit http://www.vertabase.com/.

Press contact: Mark Phillips, PMP, Principal at Vertabase at [email protected]

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