Introducing Vertabase 5.5 Project Management Software in a Quick Highlights Webinar


7 February 2014 – Farmington Hills, MI, USA – Vertabase has released the latest version of its project management software, version 5.5, and is holding a 20 minute webinar on Wednesday, February 26th at 1 pm Eastern highlighting new features. New features include faster project creation, schedule re-use, schedule enhancements, new project reporting options and document management improvements.

140207-pmwj20-version5.5-IMAGEReservations for the webinar can be made here. More information about the latest release is available on the Vertabase blog post about it.

The latest release is based on user feedback and careful study of client’s daily workflow. The goals of the software are to improve client’s daily work by creating project management software that allows clients to do what they already do, but with productivity enhancements. It is a combination of big updates to major project management functions, like scheduling and project creation, as well as smaller updates, such as reminder emails and reporting filters that aim to streamline daily workflow and reduce the administrative overhead of finding relevant project information.

What follows is a high level description of two of the new features which will be highlighted in the upcoming webinar. Links to videos of the new features are included. Additional information on the full list of features is available in a related post on the Vertabase blog.

Project Creation has been enhanced with what Vertabase is calling “Lightning Fast” project creation. This allows for one click copy of existing projects, with their schedules, to use as the basis for new projects. It facilitates re-use of projects that went well and helps rapidly set-up recurring projects. Schedules in new projects can be automatically re-scheduled to new dates with one click “date shift” that cascades throughout the project.  Here is a video on the “lightning fast” project creation feature.

Schedule Reuse has been improved with the introduction of “Vertabase Templates.” This allows for the creation of schedule templates directly in Vertabase. The templates can be reused in other projects, shared with others or kept as personal templates. Project schedules can be edited before reuse. Schedules can also be copied and pasted directly into a new project. The goals of the “Vertabase Templates” are to save people time in setting up projects and to facilitate the creation of best practice templates for use within an organization. Here is a video of the “Vertabase Templates” schedule re-use.

Vertabase is a customer focused company proudly based in Michigan, USA. The company’s flagship product, Vertabase project management software, has been on the market since 1999.  It is used by tens of thousands of people around the world with customers ranging from large public companies, government agencies and universities to small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Vertabase is a dedicated innovator, focused on delivering value to its community of clients.  It is this approach which has contributed to the company’s longevity and success.  Vertabase is a privately held company founded in 1997.  For more information, visit www.vertabase.com.

Press contact: Mark Phillips, PMP, Principal at Vertabase at [email protected]

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