International Workshop about sustainable projects for LEAN growth in European environments to be December 4 in Prague


Reported by Luca Cavone in Milan

29 November 2013 – Milan, Italy – On December 4th, 2013, the German-Czech Chamber of Commerce in Prague (Czech Rep.) will host a workshop in Prague focused on the value of learning from Japanese and Western experiences in order to tune up one’s own way to expand and consolidate business through a sustainable path of growth.  The German Chamber of Commerce will host for this workshop Sumisho Global Logistics and JMAC Europe.

131129-pmwj17-cavone-prague-IMAGEDuring this workshop participants will make a quick and deep journey within the key success factors that make Lean transformation program effective and sustainable. Sharing real successful experiences, making practical exercises and comparing Western and Japanese approaches, the trainers will show the key elements of the “true Lean”.

The workshop will highlight an unconventional point-of-view on how to start-up or re-start Lean Programs in order to guarantee your organization with long term sustainability and profitability.

The main speakers of the event will be Fabio Salomone, Chief Operating Officer at JMAC Europe, Naoki Inuyama, Logistics Manager at SUMITOMO Corp. Europe, and Tomáš Mucka, General Manager at Sumisho Global Logistics GmbH. The introduction will be done by Sumisho Global Logistics.

The workshop will consist of three main sessions: session 1 is about Lean basic concepts and history, reasons why and key results of real successful Lean programmes. Session2 is a game in which the participants will be involved, while Session 3 will deal with future development, the most common mistakes in implementation phase, the way to obtain the real sustainability, the role of people behavior, etc. The workshop will end with a networking session.

More information at: http://jmaceurope.com/en/pagina_evento.php?id=13