International Centre for Complex Project Management appoints new CEO


Deborah Hein named Managing Director and CEO of ICCPM

14 August 2014 – Canberra, Australia – The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) has announced the appointment of Deborah Hein as Managing Director and CEO.  Deborah will continue to build on ICCPM’s previous accomplishments and lead it into the future through a renewed focus on education and research.

140814-pmwj26-new-IMAGEDeborah has worked on complex projects and programs throughout her 20 year career in the public sector including projects in the Ground Telecommunications Equipment and Guided Weapon Acquisition space, Defence Reform and Smart Sustainment, and the Defence Logistics Transformation.

She has also been involved in providing advice to government agencies and the Cabinet on the implementation of programs across government including Defence & National Security and International programs.  Deborah has a keen interest and passion for helping others to learn about complexity, systems thinking and positive interactions.

“I’m confident Deborah will take ICCPM forward in line with the organisation’s priority values and goals,” said Chris Jenkins, Chair of the ICCPM Board of Directors.

The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) is a not-for-profit organisation working to advance knowledge and practice in the management and delivery of complex projects. ICCPM was formed in 2007 based on an initiative by Australian, UK and US Government bodies and defence industry organizations to improve the delivery of very complex projects and to manage complexity across all industry and government sectors.  ICCPM was formed to provide global leadership to achieve this exciting objective.  ICCPM works with partners and the international community to fund, facilitate and conduct applied research that advances knowledge and practice in the management of complex projects.  For more information, visit www.iccpm.com.

Source: ICCPM