Indonesian Society of Project Management Professionals enters IPMA



Reported by Jouko Vaskimo

27 April 2015 – Helsinki, Finland and Zurich, Switzerland – The Indonesian Society of Project Management Professionals, locally known as Ikatan Ahli Manajemen Proyek Indonesia (IAMPI), application for membership in the International Project Management Association (IPMA) was approved unanimously by the IPMA Council of Delegates (CoD) at their council meeting on the March 28th and 29th 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. IAMPI was warmly welcomed into the global family of IPMA Member Associations by all participants of the IPMA Council of Delegates.

IAMPI was represented in the Council of Delegates meeting by Mr Ir. Darma T. Saptodewo, Deputy Chairman of IAMPI, and Dr Ir. Nurahma Tresani, Head of Organizational Development of IAMPI. Mr Saptodewo delivered a presentation in which he highlighted IAMPI strategic goals, credentials, organization structure, membership application processes, the PMSA member profile as well as its member value through a range of benefits.


In the photograph (from left to right): Mr Darma T. Saptodewo, IAMPI Deputy Chairman, and Mr Reinhard Wagner, IPMA President, signing the IAMPI membership agreement (photos courtesy Jouko Vaskimo)

150427-pmwj34-indonesia-IMAGE2Mr Saptodewo was very happy with IPMA membership, and said “Indonesia as one of the MA member in IPMA will be able to develop project management competences in areas of influence, interacting with thousands of practitioners and developing relationships with corporations, government agencies, universities and colleges, as well as training organizations and consulting companies in 57 countries around the world. This is possible because the reputation of IPMA as the world’s oldest project management association and it is the leading authority on competent project, program and portfolio management. In the next five years the government of Indonesia will build infrastructure projects worth 300 billion USD and it will be a requirement that experts in Indonesia should improve their competency in the field of Project Management. I am very proud that IAMPI has been accepted as a member of IPMA and I believe that this opportunity will lead to an increase in construction quality, efficiency and effectiveness of infrastructure development in Indonesia.”

Mr Saptodewo can be contacted at [email protected] and at [email protected] . For further information please navigate to www.iampi.org .

150427-pmwj34-indonesia-IMAGE3Founded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, International Project Management Association (IPMA) is the oldest global project management professional organization. IPMA is an international federation of more than 58 national project management societies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. IPMA annual World Congress is one of the largest and most important gatherings of project management authorities and leaders each year. The president of IPMA for 2015 and 2016 is Mr Reinhard Wagner. For further information please navigate to www.ipma.ch .

Reported by Jouko Vaskimo in Helsinki, Finland, who attended the IPMA meetings in Ireland

Photo courtesy of Jouko Vaskimo