Individuals and Projects celebrate their achievements at the 28th IPMA World Congress



Reported by Ewa Bednarczyk

IPMA announces winners of 2014 achievement awards at September 30 Gala in Rotterdam

2 October 2014 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands – The International Project Management Association (IPMA) celebrated their annual awards at a gala celebration on 30 September 2014, the final evening of the 28th IPMA World Congress in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Winners in all categories, individuals, projects and teams, were announced and recognized.

141002-pmwj28-Bednarczyk-IMAGE1For a second time IPMA provided an opportunity for project managers and projects to celebrate their success by participating in the IPMA Achievement Awards. Applications from around the globe were submitted in the following categories:

  • Community Service/ Social Development Projects
  • Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Projects
  • Project Manager of the Year
  • Young Project Manager of the Year

In the first two categories judges were looking not at the project itself but at the outstanding project management processes and innovation, which led to the success of the project. While assessing project managers judges evaluated competences of applicants that contributed to project management excellence.

141002-pmwj28-Bednarczyk-IMAGE2Results of the IPMA Achievement Awards 2014 were announced during the Awards Gala at the 28th IPMA World Congress in Rotterdam. This part of the ceremony was conducted by Mr. Erik Mansson, Coordinator of the IPMA Achievement Awards. Photo: Awards Gala in Laurens Church in Rotterdam

Mr. Mansson commented on the success of the Awards after the Gala: “this year the social projects have really come in the focus of IPMA family due to the high level of all entries who applied in all 4 categories. Now we have many enthusiastic supporters including the IPMA Young Crew who wants to coach new projects in making good applications for our next World Congress in Panama. In addition, for the Latin American congress organizers the idea is to really emphasize social development and humanitarian aid projects including a dedicated stream as it is really of relevance and importance for the entire Latin American region.”


In photo on left: Mr. Erik Mansson – Coordinator of the IPMA Achievement Award, on right: Elena Jakob, Gold Winner in the category: Community Service/ Development Social Project.

The results of the competition were:


Read more about winners below:

Category Community Service/Development Project 2014

A141002-pmwj28-Bednarczyk-IMAGE5 heritage with future by Antioch Foundation, Switzerland

The vision for the project was to create a new center for the Syriac Orthodox Church and community for Switzerland and Austria in a historic monastery building complex. When the owner/client took over the complex in 1996, the infrastructure was in urgent need of rehabilitation. The first building stage was focused on the structural integrity of the building. In the second stage, the extended refurbishment of the building took place. The whole building equipment as well as the second floor had to be completely restored. The third stage provided the restoration of the cloistral grounds and courtyards. Key success factors were the future of the heritage, the culture-sensitive management, and the funding and financial control.

CAPTA by Fundacion Calicanto, Panama

CAPTA is a personal and vocational training program for women who live in marginalized com- munities. The training includes a strong psychological development component that empowers women by lifting self-esteem and confidence levels. The process is followed by a professional training that provides a certificate for employment in the hotel industry; achieving not only professional but personal satisfaction. The training provides employment opportunities and basic life skills that help women escape violence and poverty.

ISO21500 Implementation Guide for Latin America by ISO21500 Analysis Group, Spain

Given the expectation generated by the new ISO 21500, an initiative appeared in March 2012 at the social networks, to conform a group of volunteers passionate about project management and convinced of its importance in order to promote a change. In spite of the initiative emerged in Spain, the group was integrated for Bolivia, with a clear purpose to serve as a linkage to Latin America in order to give this venture the opportunity to be reached by all Spanish-speaking countries people interested in PM. We achieve that, now the new challenge is making it global.

Category Internationally Funded Humanitarian Aid Projects Project 2014

141002-pmwj28-Bednarczyk-IMAGE6MAHAK Two Year Operational – Developmental Project by MAHAK- the Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer, Iran

During the period 2012-2013, MAHAK managed to collect the revenues necessary for performing its activities and fulfilling the financial demands of the organization and its stakeholders. These funds have been used to diagnose, treat and provide welfare for children suffering from cancer and their families throughout Iran. In order to get the most out of the funds provided, MAHAK has decided to operate on a two years plan called “MAHAK’s Two Year Operational – – Developmental Project”.














Photo from right: Mr. Jean-Michel Reix – Silver Winner, Andrew Bell – Gold Winner in the category: Project Manager of the Year.

Category Project Manager of the Year 2014

141002-pmwj28-Bednarczyk-IMAGE8Andrew Bell, UK

Andrew has over 16 years’ of project management experience in the defence, electronic engineering, IT and now transportation industries. Since 2008 Andy has been responsible for the Jubilee & Northern Line Upgrade programme (JNUP) for the London Undergroud. Andy has overseen the transformation of this venture that had spiraling costs, a reputation for failing to deliver and was on the brink of litigation. Today it is a successful and highly regarded project achieving great performance through the 2012 Olympics and recently completing the Northern Line upgrade 6 months ahead of schedule and under-budget. The project reflects his management style with a strong team culture, backed up with sound operational principles.

141002-pmwj28-Bednarczyk-IMAGE9Imran K. Malik, UAE

Imran has more than 11 years of national and international experience in strategy, business process reengineering and transformation program management. Graduate in Electrical Engineering with Masters in Project Management. Imran is a regional expert in building PMO’s and telecom services operational model. Whilst employed with du company, Imran managed people and programs to successfully achieve delivery with significant cost savings. Imran was able to deliver improvements in the Network development area and create business management systems aligning with ITIL & TL9000. Imran is an active member of the PMI Global Executive Council and also serves on the Advisory Board of the PMI and Informa Telecoms & Media.

J141002-pmwj28-Bednarczyk-IMAGE10ean-Michel Reix, France

Jean-Michel began his carrier in the space programme sector with an international dimension. He always wanted to become the Project Manager. Herschel-Planck Project (HP) was his first experience into a wider context of international projects. This was a fantastic victory on several levels, with challenging objectives and major industrial risks to be overcome. Managing a programme of this scale gave him an opportunity to apply his technical and managerial skills, which gave him a great deal of pride and motivation. It involved teamwork and as he says it was a fascinating human adventure.

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