ICCPM and IPMA renew alliance to strengthen project management capability globally



11 February 2015 – Canberra, Australia – The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) has announced the renewal of their alliance agreement with the International Project Management Association (IPMA). The alliance supports both organisations’ aims of strengthening the project management profession. ICCPM and IPMA share the ideals of each other’s organisations and look forward to working together to further these ideals.

150211-pmwj32-ipma-IMAGE1As a non-profit global membership organisation IPMA’s mission is to promote recognition of project management; to offer know-how, products and services across public, private and community sectors; and to leverage the diversity of its global network for benefits across economies, society and the environment.

ICCPM is a not-for-profit organisation established in 2007 and as the peak body for complex project management seeks to advance complex project management knowledge and practice through education; and the provision of support and tools to allow organisations to effectively address complexity and better manage complex projects and programs.

Photo: Reinhard Wagner, IPMA; Yvonne Butler, Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM); Steve Milner, AIPM; Deborah Hein, ICCPM at the AIPM and IPMA President Lunch, November 2014.

The alliance agreement between ICCPM and IPMA allows the organisations to further each other’s mission and objectives through reciprocal exchanges such as publications, research and events and generally work together in a spirit of cooperation for mutual benefit of the organisations and their members.

The theme of the 2015 IPMA Annual Conference “The way to Project Management in Multicultural Context” aligns with ICCPM’s 2015 conference theme “Building Capability in Complex Environments” and the sharing of knowledge from these two events will further strengthen the project management profession and provide lasting benefits for participants and organisations.

ICCPM looks forward to a long and successful collaboration with IPMA.

ICCPM CEO, Deborah Hein is enthusiastic about the renewal of this agreement. “There are many opportunities for collaboration between our two international organisations heading into 2015. The focus for ICCPM this coming year is to finalise development of our complexity awareness education offering for initial delivery in Australia and then look to our partners to work through our global delivery options, IPMA have already indicated an interest in working with us on that front, which is a very exciting space to be in. The renewal and strengthening of our relationship is a demonstration of our commitment to support and grow the project and program managers of the future to enable more success in the delivery of all projects and programs – not just the complex ones.”

Reinhard Wagner, President of IPMA is excited about the opportunities this alliance offers to the profession: “Our research clearly indicates that project and program managers are faced with an increasing complexity. Products, such as passenger cars or aircrafts, are created with multiple technologies, in a dynamic context with changing requirements and a supply chain across organisations, countries and cultures. This is why we need to better understand the complexity we are faced with and develop new approaches for the management of projects and programs in such a context. ICCPM and IPMA will jointly support individuals, projects and organisations in managing complex projects and programs.”

The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) and ICCPM also work closely together in the area of complex project management and AIPM welcomes the alliance between ICCPM and IPMA. The National President of AIPM, Dr Steve Milner, is positive about the renewal. “The alliance will further benefit the project management profession as the three organisations, AIPM, IPMA and ICCPM, continue leading the way.

For more information, contact:

Deborah Hein (ICCPM):     +61 2 6120 5160 / [email protected] / https://iccpm.com/

Reinhard Wagner (IPMA):  +49 1522 2936871 / [email protected] / http://ipma.ch/

Yvonne Butler (AIPM):       +61 2 8288 8750 / [email protected] / www.aipm.com.au/

150211-pmwj32-ipma-IMAGE2The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) is a not-for-profit organisation working to advance knowledge and practice in the management and delivery of complex projects. ICCPM was formed in 2007 based on an initiative launched in 2005 by Australian, UK and US Government bodies and defence industry organizations aimed at improving the international community’s ability to successfully deliver very complex projects and to manage complexity across all industry and government sectors. For more information about ICCPM, visit http://www.iccpm.com/.

Source: ICCPM