The Hidden Profit of International Projects


Reported by Luca Cavone in Milan

26 November 2013 – Milan, Italy – Confindustria Padova, one of the northern most sections of Confindustria, the main organisation representing Italian manufacturing and services companies, hosted in November the event “The Hidden Profit of International Projects”.

This initiative was developed together with ANIMP, the National Association of Industrial Plant Engineering, IPMA Italy, the Italian Member Association of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), and Passport, a consulting company focused on the subject of intercultural management.

During this seminar, which was held in Padua, it was shown how projects or in general activities with an international impact often have unknown implications that are not adequately exploited in a profitable way.

131126-pmwl-cavone-hidden-IMAGEThe main speaker, Dott.ssa Raffaella Bossi Fornarini (pictured), Managing Director at Passport and Adjunct Professor at MIP-Politecnico di Milano in Multicultural Management, explained that the discovery of this unknown-hidden profit shows that there are new possibilities for problem-solving, planning, control and negotiation, and also provides strategic and operational benefits to companies.

During the event, the topics that were presented and discussed were focused on how to identify the activities which may constitute a hidden profit; in addition the results of a joint research conducted by the Passport and MIP-Politecnico di Milano were presented, highlighting the impact of these activities on project performance, in terms of time, cost and quality. Finally, Dott.ssa Fornarini introduced a methodology for discovering and applying the “hidden” profit.

The event was specifically addressed to business players working on international level, such as import-export enterprises, consulting firms, companies operating in business development and investments in foreign countries.

For this reason, the discussion that followed was very lively and animated by the participants. Among them were professionals such as Project Managers, Project Directors, Sales and Business Development Managers, Strategy and Development Managers, HR and responsible organization managers of the reference companies in these sectors.