Globalisation and Innovative Business Models – new book from IPMA Research Team


1 January 2013 – A new book has been published in late 2012 as a result of efforts by the Research Management Board (RMB) of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).  Globalisation and Innovative Business Models was published by Ane Books in India, with Brane Semolic, PhD and Rajat Baisya, PhD as co-editors.  Semolic and Baisys are members of the IPMA RMB; they are also editorial advisors for PM World and the PM World Journal (PMWJ).  The book was unveiled at the 26th IPMA World Congress in Crete on 31 October 2012


Photo: from left to right – Brane Semolic, IPMA president-elect Mladen Radujkovic, Rajat Baisya – Crete, Greece, 31 October 2012.

From the book’s promotion:  Trade barriers are gradually disappearing, creating opportunities for corporations to sell their products and services anywhere in the world. Also modern information and communication technologies are enabling companies to have global presence. Markets are thus integrated which offers more opportunities to companies but that also means global competition and challenges. Companies will thus have to be globally competitive.  As old and traditional models of business are not working well for companies any longer, businesses are constantly innovating and exploring new ways of conducting business. When established and familiar milestones are no longer able to guide the business, new approaches and strategies are required. This  means that we need new competencies and skills if we want to succeed. Cost competitiveness and speed of action are two critical imperatives for businesses now.

During the industrial age  global market was  under the control  of large companies that have had the advantage of  both size  and  capital. The threshold of entry into the world market has dramatically changed in recent years in favor of small and medium-sized companies. Creativity and innovativeness are becoming scarce resources now and as speed of action and number of innovations determine the success in the marketplace, organisations are looking   for collaborative efforts and even partnering with freelance knowledge workers to remain contemporary and current in the context of ever changing business needs.

This book attempts to explain the new globalized knowledge-driven business environment, presents new business eco-systems, business models and supporting theories, and is expected to contribute to better understanding of organizational trends, new business models with their components and implementation needs. Essentially, this book is a compilation of select articles contributed by different authors who have presented their research work at several research events organized or sponsored by the Research Management Board of the International Project Management Association (RMB,IPMA). These events were manly part of IPMA Festivals of Knowledge organized in different parts of the world.  The book is structured in four chapters which characterize and describe the main theme of the book.


The book covers a wide range of issues that challenge modern time organisations to enable them to perform in globalised business environment and therefore, provide some key learnings in terms of understanding the new rules of the game and also creating new innovative business models.  It is expected to provide great learnings to business managers, project managers and planners. The book is enriched by  case studies,  caselets and numerous examples cited to describe some of the critical issues of business such as alternative models, customer relationship management, new innovative marketing channels which will be very useful for practicing managers and is therefore highly recommended.

The book is the outcome of the support received from International Project Management Association ( IPMA) in terms of their research program and is therefore, an official publication of the Association. The book is hard bound in colour print in glossy paper and has an attractive cover design. The book was released on 29th October 2012 at IPMA world congress at Crete  in Greece.

Dr. Brane Semolic ([email protected]) is a professor at the University of Maribor and Cranefield College. Besides, he is the coordinator of international research living laboratory LENS Living lab (http://www.3-lab.eu/) and SIG Project Management Issue Manager in NETLIPSE Network (http://www.netlipse.eu/). A former IPMA Vice President and present Chairman of IPMA Research Management Board (http://www.ipma.ch/), since 1998 he is serving as the first assessor in the 4L IPMA PM certification program. A visiting professor at several foreign universities, he has published over 400 papers. He also has more than 30 years of working experience as an expert researcher, consultant, project manager and CEO in the industry. He is president of Slovenian Chamber of Business Services, member of Strategic Advisory Board of European Competitiveness and Innovation Program (CIP), member of the PM World Today editorial advisory board and Distinguished International Fellow (DIF) appointed by International Cost Engineering Council.

Prof. (Dr.) Rajat Baisya ([email protected]) holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with over thirty years of industrial experience having worked in large Indian as well as in Multinational corporations covering all functional areas of management. He served as a Senior Professor in the areas of Marketing and Strategic Management and also of International Business and Project Management at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and as the Head of the Business School at IIT Delhi. He was President and CEO of Emami Group of Companies, Senior Vice President Business Development of Reckitt Benckiser India Ltd., General Manager (Projects) of Goetze India Ltd. and Controller–Corporate Planning of United Breweries Group. He has also been associated with companies like Escorts Ltd., Best Foods International (Unilever Group) and Parle-Bisleri Group in a senior management capacity. With over 350 research publications and four books to his credit. Prof. Baisya has served as a member of Research Management Board of International Project Management Association (IPMA), Switzerland and as Lead Assessor of IPMA Project Excellence Award. He is a member of the editorial advisory board of PM World Today. He serves on the board of many private and public companies and in many Government committees. He is the editorial board member of many National and International journals. He was the Visiting Professor at ENPC International Business School, Paris as well as at NPU, Xian, China. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Indian Institute of Management, Rothak. He is the Founder President of Project & Technology Management Foundation (a non-profit society, http://www.ptmfonline.com/). He is a certified Management Consultant working for many global corporations in India and abroad. Prof. Baisya is a Fellow of Institute of Engineers (India) and also of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Globalisation and Innovative Business Models; Edited by Brane Semolic and Rajat Baisya; published by Ane Books; ISBN :978-93-8212-715-4; hard cover, 267 pages; List Price USD 29.95.  Information at http://www.bookadda.com/books/globalisation-innovative-business-models-brane-semolic-9382127151-9789382127154 or http://www.3-lab.eu/globalisation-and-innovative-business-models-new-international-book-edited-by-brane-semolic-and-rajat-baisya/