Global Symposium on Project Mindset – The Key to Competitiveness – New Delhi, India 8-10 December 2014



22nd Global Symposium on Project Management hosted by Project Management Associates in New Delhi set for December 2014

29 October 2014 – New Delhi, India – Project Management Associates, the IPMA member association representing India, will host its 22nd annual global symposium on project management in New Delhi during 8-10 December 2014. The big event this year will be held at the Hotel Le Meridien in New Delhi.

141029-pmwj28-delhi-2014-IMAGEGlobal Symposium 2014 will focus on the major challenges in transforming the operational to a project mindset. The Project Mindset is at the core in providing transformation from present to the future. Incidentally, the theme of the 1/2 day seminar in August 1999 in Stockholm, Sweden organized by the Swedish Project Management Association and conducted by PMA president Adesh Jain was given the same theme.

According to Adesh this year, “We have invited stalwarts from all over the world in transforming organizational culture to project mindset. Dr. G S Krishnan, Program Manager and the Chief Knowledge Officer at Goddard Flight Space Centre (GSFC), USA will be one of the Keynote Speakers who will link the progress made by NASA in the last 5 decades by its commitment to the project mindset.”

“We expect participants from over 30 countries,” Adesh continued. “Our Global Symposium 2014 will follow the IPMA World Congress from Sep 30 to Oct 2, 2014 in Rotterdam, Holland. Some of the best papers, lessons learnt from the winners of the IPMA Project Excellence Award and case studies from the World Congress will also be presented in the GS 2014.”

The annual Global Symposium held in Delhi is considered to be one of the most significant events for project management professionals in the Asia Pacific region. See the symposium brochure at http://pma-india.org/download/GS2014-Brochure.pdf.

Project Management Associates (PMA) is a non-profit registered professional body of project and business managers, aimed at strengthening project management in India. Founded in 1993, PMA has made tremendous strides in creating massive awareness amongst CEO’s, practicing managers and academia regarding the importance of balancing time, cost and scope with quality built-in and meeting the diversified expectations of various stakeholders. PMA is the Indian Member Association of the International Project Management Association (IPMA). For more, go to http://pma-india.org/