Global and Diverse – December Journal includes 40 project management works by 52 authors in 17 countries



Readers in more than 200 countries have experienced the global diversity of PMWJ authors and contents

7 December 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – The December edition of the PM World Journal has been published online with 40 original works by 52 different authors from around the world. Readers from more than 200 countries have now visited the PMWJ website, experiencing the wide range of articles, papers and other contents created by authors from many different places and organizations.

141212-pmw29-december-IMAGEThe PMWJ now represents one of the most international online publications serving the project management professional community, with more than 20 countries often represented by authors or subjects each month. The December edition now available at https://www.pmworldjournal.net/ contains original works by authors in 17 different countries, with another six featured in project management related news articles.

The December PMWJ was also diverse in its range of contents, with original works this month in the following categories: featured interview, featured papers (5), series articles (6), advisory articles (3), commentary articles (3), case study, second editions (4), reports (7), personal stories (2) and book reviews (7). One welcome article and one letter to the editor were also included.

According to David Pells, PMWJ Management Editor, “This month’s edition contains some important contributions. The five featured papers, four second editions and case study are all serious professional papers. The series articles are also important, but especially Alan Stretton’s first article in his new series on project success and failure, a very important topic now. The second edition paper by Russ Archibald and his co-authors is also important and worth reading.”

“This month’s edition also contains some very entertaining contents,” Pells adds. “The featured interview with one of Croatia’s most successful entrepreneurs is fascinating and the two personal stories fun to read. The reports are also interesting, describing events and developments in various countries. The advisory and commentary articles are always fun to read, for example this month, Charles Smith’s ‘Performers on the Project Stage’ and ‘Did Oswald Have a Chance to Kill Kennedy?’ by Lev Virine, Michael Trumper and Eugenia Virine in Canada.”

“Finally, there are really two fascinating case studies included this month,” Pells concludes. “The official case study by Loyd and Cooper describes project management improvements over the last few years at TXU Energy in Texas. Of equal note is the series article by Cota and Caracas about project management at the Central Bank of Brazil, which describes their journey to a higher level of maturity.”

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