Giulia Gasparini



151029 - Giulia Gasparini photo
Giulia Gasparini

Bocconi University
Milan, ITALY


Giulia Gasparini
is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Economics and Management of Public Administration and International Organizations at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Giulia holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Economics and Social Sciences. During her studies and her working experience abroad, Giulia has developed her inclination to the analysis improving her knowledge of statistical software and Microsoft Office applications.

Major Field of Study: Public Management and Business-Government Relations

Research interests: regulated markets, management of public utilities, strategy

PM World Internship Focus: PM World Library operations, search functionality, other

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Giulia may be contacted at [email protected]

Start Date: November 2015                          Completion Date: March 2016


Research Results

160421 – Gasparini – State Guarantees in PPPs

160410 – Gasparini – PPP Motivations and Challenges for the Public Sector

160313 – Gasparini – Sustainable Finance in the United States

160305 – Gasparini – Digital Globalization

160228 – Gasparini – Managing Change in the Delivery of Complex Projects

160223 – Gasparini – Trade in value-added and global value chains

160201 – Gasparini – WIPO Guide to using Patent Information

160125 – Gasparini – Project Knowledge Sharing in the Automotive Industry

160115 – Gasparini – Study of small renewable energy projects in developing countries

160105 – Gasparini – EIB’s Economic Appraisal of Investment Projects

151228 – Gasparini – Boosting Tech Innovation Ecosystems in Cities

151218 – Gasparini – IEA 2015 Renewable Energy Report

151213 – Gasparini – Public Sector Project Manager Competences paper

151202 – Gasparini – 2014 Global PPI Update

151127 – Gasparini – Mediterranean Hot Spots Investment Programme

151120 – Gasparini – Inside the TTIP

151111 – Gasparini – Global Competitiveness Report

151108 – Gasparini – Farok and Garcia paper on EVM