Getting Unstuck: Using Leadership Paradox to Execute with Confidence


New book by Ralph Jacobson shows how to balance key paradoxes to achieve greater growth and enhanced sustainability. 

19 October 2013 – CRC Press has announced the publication of a new book titled Getting Unstuck: Using Leadership Paradox to Execute with Confidence, by Ralph Jacobson. This new book, teaches how to balance key paradoxes to achieve greater long-term growth and enhanced sustainability than those who rely on financial data and problem solving methods alone. It addresses the issues that are the most troublesome to people and the organizations they work for.

131019-pmwj16-jacobson-IMAGEAccording to the CRC release: The text describes how to think and work more strategically, the book introduces the language and tools you need to share innovative approaches to dilemmas within your organization and to develop better working relationships, both internally and externally. It provides a practical and powerful platform to help you develop new possibilities and achieve your strategic objectives. You will learn how to see conflict with a fresh set of eyes, how to redefine your roles, and how to become more effective professionally and personally.

“In his new book, Ralph Jacobson explains that your toughest problem might not be a problem at all, but rather it’s a paradox. … A paradox is a situation that has at least two competing sides, and may appear as a contradiction. It has two polarities that can be both right and wrong at the same time. … Jacobson’s breakthrough book gives us tools to achieve higher levels of success, both professionally and personally as we find ways to balance the competing sides of our toughest issues.”

Kevin Kruse, writing on Forbes.com

Ralph Jacobson is the founder of The Leader’s Toolbox, Inc., an organization focused on helping individuals, companies, and communities tackle their most critical challenges. Ralph also serves as adjunct faculty for The Physician’s Leadership College. His writing has appeared in a number of prestigious publications including American College of Physicians Journal, Humans Systems Management, Chief Executive Officer Magazine, Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and American Management Association. For the last 7 years he has been ranked in the top 10 independent leadership developers, coaches, and consultants by Leadership Excellence Magazine. 

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Getting Unstuck: Using Leadership Paradox to Execute with Confidence; by Ralph Jacobson; published by Productivity Press Publications, © September 2013, 169 pages, hard cover, ISBN 9781466596436; List price = $39.95; For more information, go to http://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/9781466596436

Source: CRC Press