German Association for Project Management elects Reinhard Wagner as new chairman of Executive Board


22 January 2013 – Munich, Germany – The GPM German Association for Project Management has announced the election of the Executive Board by members of the association.  Reinhard Wagner (46) has been chosen as new Chairman of the Executive Board of GPM

The eight new members of the Executive Board of the GPM German Association for Project Management, who will develop the association further on, include the following persons with their remits noted:

Reinhard Wagner: Chairman of the Executive Board and IPMA Vice President

Andreas Frick: Development of Products and Vice Chairman of the Executive Board

Stefan Derwort: GPM Regions

Dr. Claus Hüsselmann: Project Business

Wilhelm Mikulaschek: Certification and IPMA Delegate

Prof. Dr. Steffen Rietz: Development of Project Management

Prof. Dr. Yvonne Schoper: Research and IPMA Substitute

Prof. Dr. Harald Wehnes: Education

)- Reinhard Wagner, Prof Dr. Harlad Wehnes, Prof Dr. Yvonne Schoper, Stefan derwort, Prof. Dr. Steffen Rietz, Andreas Frick, Wilhelm Mikulaschek, Dr. Claus Hüsselmann

Photo: new GPM Executive Board (left to right): Reinhard Wagner, Prof Dr. Harald Wehnes, Prof Dr. Yvonne Schoper, Stefan derwort, Prof. Dr. Steffen Rietz, Andreas Frick, Wilhelm Mikulaschek, Dr. Claus Hüsselmann

The central goal of the new Chairman of the Executive Board of GPM is to promote the strengthening of project management skills and the use of professional project management practices in business and society. He also represents the GPM and the German interests in the global International Project Management Association as Vice President, R&D/Awards.

Reinhard Wagner stated: ”Germany is an export nation, building on the competitiveness of its companies. Our Automotive manufacturers and suppliers for example are well known for their great products and “German Engineering”.  But this is not enough in an increasingly complex world. The integrative competence of project and program managers is a success factor getting more and more attention. Thus, the strengthening of PM competence on all levels, starting from the team level up to the top management level is a decisive factor which GPM is dedicated to.”

GPM is the leading professional association for project management in Germany. With currently nearly 6,000 members from all areas of business, academia and public institutions, GPM is the largest network of project management experts on the European continent.

GPM was founded in 1979 with the primary goal to promote, develop, systematize, standardize and disseminate the application of project management in Germany. It is the German member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), which includes over 55 Member Associations.

GPM constantly releases new products on the PM market, strengthening its business and professional work. It offers over 250 regional events annually and numerous of special events. All events are open to members and non-members. For example GPM organizes the annual PM Forum in Nuremberg with over 850 project managers. Several keynote speakers present visionary topics and projects.

Practitioners from leading German companies present their experience in project management in many topic streams and discuss them with the participants.  The promotion of project management in business, politics and society is a major concern of GPM. Numerous professional events, different studies on project management, the various GPM Awards, the qualification and certification of persons and organizations as well as the publications help to reach that aim and lead to the high reputation of GPM, even beyond the country’s borders.

GPM is involved in PM standards, e.g. DIN and ISO.  More information can be found at www.gpm-ipma.de