Gary Mitchell



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Gary Mitchell

Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management
Gauteng, South Africa


Gary Mitchell
is a currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Programme Management at the Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. Gary holds a National Diploma in Civil Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Project and Programme Management, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Project and Programme Management. During eighteen years of professional experience, Gary has held titles such as Trainee Estimator, Estimator, Project Engineer, Bid Proposals Manager and Project Manager.

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Major Field of Study: Project Management and Failure of Projects

Research interests: operations strategy, behavioral strategy, and structural strategy

PMWL Research Focus: failed projects, project failure

Gary may be contacted at [email protected]

Start Date: November 2015                           Complete Date: 15 April 2016

160415 – Gary Michell Complete Project Management Research Internship

Research Results

160412 – Mitchell – Public Transportation Project Failure in South Africa

160411 – Mitchell – Project Failure, Try Again

160410 – Mitchell – Project Failure, Look in the Mirror

160401 – Mitchell – R170m and still no water

160327 – Mitchell – Prasarana Monorail Project Failure

160323 – Mitchell – Project Failure – Customer Centred Strategy

160318 – Mitchell – Hanoi urban railway project failure

160315 – Mitchell – Tech Failures in Rural South Africa

160301 – Mitchell – Failed Prepaid Meters Project

160219 – Mitchell – MOX Project Failure in USA

160120 – Mitchell – Kajaki Dam USD300 million spent and still not complete

151223 – Mitchell – Why good strategies fail

151209 – Mitchell – The 870 million e-Borders project failure

151125 – Mitchell – Mismanagement leads to IT project failure

151120 – Mitchell – Nandipur Power Project

151119 – Mitchell – South to North Water Diversion Project