Full journal news archives now available for project management  students and researchers


Nearly 1,000 news articles from last 23 months added to PM World Library

28 May 2014 – Dallas, London, Sydney – PM World has announced that all news articles published in the PM World Journal (PMWJ) since August 2012 have now been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) in May.  These include over 950 news stories previously published as breaking news, now available at http://pmworldlibrary.net/ppm-news/.

140528-pmwj23-news-IMAGEBreaking news articles are posted daily on the PMWJ website, in any of 10 categories: people news, calls for papers, future events, research, education, profession, publishing, industry, fascinating projects and programs, and other news affecting projects and project management.  The archives are searchable by date and category; all articles are in PDF format for easy downloading or printing.

According to PMWL Director David Pells, “We are happy to finally have all news articles published in the journal now available in the library.  This collection is growing by around 50 articles per month, so really becoming an interesting resource.”

“The news archives were loaded into the PMWL by Camille Fournier, the newest member of our team based in Florida,” Pells adds.  “We really appreciate her effort.”

Growing by approximately 50 news stories per month, the breaking news archives are expected to provide another useful resource for students and those new to the project management field.  Organizations, people or projects that have been featured in the news can find their articles to share with others.

The PM World Library (PMWL) is a global resource for continuous learning in portfolio, program and project management (P/PM).  The PMWL is produced and maintained by PM World that also publishes the monthly PM World Journal (PMWJ), a web-based monthly publication featuring dozens of articles, papers and news stories about projects and project management around the world.  To see the latest edition of the PMWJ, visit www.pmworldjournal.net; to learn more, visit www.pmworldlibrary.net.