FREE Webinar – From Project Management to Business Objectives: how to align project goals to the business strategy



Reported by Luca Cavone in Milan

Free project management webinar to first 100 who register

14 November 2014 – Milan, Italy – Many organizations do apply structured Project Management processes, sometimes with lack of results or a huge gap against the business objectives. Organizations who are able to support and develop their growth successfully, act on two dimensions, i.e. they define their best practices of project management processes and at the same time they link these to the business strategy.

141114-pmwj-webinar-IMAGE1This will be the main theme of next JMAC webinar. The event – free of charge and reserved to the first 100 subscribers, is scheduled on Thursday November 27th, 2014 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm CET.

The initiative responds to the need of companies that suffer a gap between the results of the projects and company business objectives. Participants attending the webinar will learn how applying a strategic/planning management system for projects, portfolio and resources facilitates the effective delivery of improved business and organizational results.

141114-pmwj-webinar-IMAGE2Furthermore, a strong emphasis will be given also to the competences necessary to fulfill the above, especially focusing on the Organizational Competence Baseline by IPMA® (International Project Management Association).

The panel and the discussion will be presented by Mr Alessandro Savioli – Innovation Division Manager at JMAC Europe; Mr Luca Cavone – Senior Consultant at JMAC Europe and expert of Project and Portfolio Management methodologies; and Mr Giuseppe Pugliese – Director of Certification for IPMA® Italy.

The webinar will be provided through the GoToWebinar platform.

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