EXPO2015 and IPMA Italy



Reported by Roberto Mori in Milan

17 April 2015 – Milan, Italy – The attention of 148 Countries is being focused on the event Expo2015 (www.expo2015.org) that Milano (Italy) will host from May 1st to October 31st 2015.

For the first time in BIE (Bureau International des Expositions) Expos history, the 412 direct Stakeholders are going to develop the really universal theme of the event (Feeding the Planet, Energy for life) in an innovative way, with the stage left to mankind. The expected millions of visitors will then have the privilege to see and judge in how many different ways the theme has been developed by all the Stakeholders.


But the opening day will be the end of a long route started in 2008 and driven by an unparalleled program comprised of much more than 500 individual projects, each of them independently managed under the general coordination of the Organizing Authority, in line with the guidelines issued by BIE.

It is apparent that the extent and constraints of the program, the so many world cultures involved, along with the area of just one sq km where all the projects must be simultaneously implemented and completed by April 30th, present countless challenges and require widespread Program and Project Management competencies.

IPMA Italy could not have disregarded such a unique combination. Therefore it devoted the last annual conference to the main challenges that Expo2015 program and project managers have been tackling along these years:

  • Risks analysis and management prior to application to BIE and during both the implementation of the program and the event itself.
  • Choice and development of the Expo theme.
  • General and sustainability principles that have inspired the program.
  • Organization of the operations management structure, up to the site activities.
  • Relationships with all the Stakeholders and impact of global multi-culture context.
  • High surveillance and direction of construction site for sub-contracts of own direct responsibility.
  • External infrastructures and urban modifications.
  • Projects for post-event destination of the area.
  • Relationships with the many partners and civil society organizations.

A round table with several project managers from the expositing Countries has concluded the day, followed by an extended time for Q&A.

The list of challenges is far from being exhaustive, but it is sufficient to highlight the uniqueness of the program.

The appreciation expressed by the professional audience to all the speakers in charge of the above areas has been the best reward for IPMA Italy, along with the post-event interest shown by professionals who could not attend the Conference.

On the occasion, the winners of two IPMA 2014 Project Excellence Awards (Tecnimont, GASCO Abu Dhabi Habshan5 process plant, and General Electric Oil & Gas, Priolo Ethylene project)) and one of the three Young Project Managers of the Year awarded in 2014, presented the excellence characteristics that led the related projects to the Awards. It is probably not by chance that the latter project is part of the Expo program.

Further the winners of the first Award IPMA Italy 2014 for best articles on project management topics have presented the visions and experiences as described in the awarded articles.

The Conference has given evidence that there are also other reasons to visit the Expo than just the 412 different ways of the theme development and presentation. It is enough to mention that the projects of the world most renowned architects are displayed in one sq km.

Finally recalling that food is life, culture, civilization, history, art, pleasure, senses, projects, sport, creativity; that it involves the four primordial elements (earth, water, air, fire); that it is protagonist of one of the most sensitive paradoxes of the modern world that could only be resolved through political projects correctly devised and implemented, IPMA Italy looks forward to welcoming to Milano project management professionals from all over the world for an unrepeatable experience.

Visit Expo2015 website here: http://www.expo2015.org/it/index.html

Welcome to Milan!