eVa20 – Putting down the roots for Good Governance



June EVA 20 conference at Armourer’s Hall in London announces top speaker lineup

28 May 2015 – London, UK – EVA in the UK is celebrating their 20th annual project management conference in June with eVa20: “Putting down roots for Good Governance.” The event will be held at the famous and historic Armourer’s Hall in Moorgate, London. The conference is scheduled for Tuesday, 16 June and Wednesday, 17 June 2015, followed by two days of workshops. Information is available at http://evaintheuk.org/

150528-pmwj35-eva20-IMAGE1According to the announcement: Eight hundred years ago [15 June 1215] an embattled King John met the English barons, who had backed his failed war against the French and were seeking to limit his powers on the banks of the Thames in Runnymede.

The weakened monarch had little choice but to witness the sealing of what some say is the world’s most important document, one that, symbolically at least, established a new relationship between the king and his subjects. Governance for all!

150528-pmwj35-eva20-IMAGE2In recognition of this landmark in English history the Great and the Good from the last twenty years have been invited to come and discuss the profession of project management. A look back and a look forward! And to sign their own charter in support of the profession.

Stephen Carver and his Knights of the Round Table will be there to tell the story of Magna Carta and its place in modern Governance. The Holy Grail of Portfolios Programmes and Projects will be discussed and a framework enabling them to truly extract benefits will be presented.

The ways to best control and report on projects will be revealed. The miracle of turning Agile into something more than a fad will be attempted. Can we offer it a home and a purpose? Looking at ourselves we ask how we can get better by really Listening. And show how that will help us to Learn and Lead.

You can only Change if you really want to, so a leading practitioner will tell the Cautionary Tale of Failed Change so that you can Learn from experience other than your own.

Demands will be made for better proof that Project Management works. Strong arguments will be made that we need evidence not snake-oil. There will be music and laughter too!

150528-pmwj35-eva20-IMAGE3A fantastic speaker line up over two days has been assembled to provide insight, professional development and tell the stories that bring the conference themes to life!

Participants will enjoy rubbing shoulders with experienced practitioners, leading academics and stakeholders from industry and government.

The impressive speaker line-up includes:

  • Sir John Bourn, Auditor General 1988-2008 and speaker at #eVa1
  • Improving Major Projects – Sir Tim Laurence, Major Projects Association
  • Growing Project Capability & Capacity in Government Projects – Tim Banfield, Major Projects Authority
  • Constructing the Future – Alistair Kirk, HS2
  • A History of Project Management in 15 Years – Stephen Carver, Cranfield University
  • The other Earned Value – Dr. Peter Morris, UCL
  • Organisation. Culture. Diversity. OCD in Project Management – Louise Hardy, Skanska
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Shake off the doubts & be a project leader – Elizabeth Harrin
  • Deaf Tips. Powerful Communication – Bruno Kahne, Airbus
  • Project Ethics – A critical path for Professional Development – Dr. Haukur Jonasson & Dr. Helgi Ingasson, Reykavik University, Iceland
  • Say Yes to the Mess. Coping with change, complexity & conflict – The Agile Jazz Blues Band

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