EURAM 2016 Call for Papers for Project Organising Track



June 2016 conference again offers project management researchers an opportunity to showcase work, network and join working groups

6 November 2015 – Vienna, Austria and Paris, France – A call for papers has been issued for the European Academy of Management Conference EURAM 2016 to be held in Paris during 1-4 June 2016. The conference will include a “Project Organising” track, to feature papers and presentations by researchers from the project management field. Researchers worldwide are invited to submit abstracts now.


The Project Organising: General Track provides an international platform to share and debate topical issues in the management of projects as temporary organisations and their context in project-based and/or project oriented organisations and in their context of inter-organisational networks. This includes the management of single projects, mega projects and programmes as temporary organisations, the management of project portfolios, the management of project-oriented organisations, which deliver projects to external or internal customers and project networks, or multi-enterprise meta-organisations, which are created in order to manage projects and programmes, and organisations which finance and sponsor projects and programmes.

In the General Track we feature academic papers related to the broad field of Project Organising. As the general theme of EURAM 2016 is Manageable Cooperation we especially welcome papers that

  • contribute to a better understanding about cooperation and collaboration within and between projects, project based/oriented organisations, and their clients/owners
  • relate project organising to cognate fields such as Organisational Design, Behaviour, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, Performance Management, Human Resource Management, Leadership and Marketing

In addition to papers that are of general relevance to the field of Project Management we will run both a Panel and a Development Working Group and we propose thematic sessions with the intent to build up these themes for further conferences.

The proposed thematic sessions include (email addresses for theme coordinators is provided):

We invite conceptual as well as empirical papers based on quantitative, qualitative research or mixed methods. In our track, we will run competitive sessions as well as development sessions, to help authors further develop their papers. The best papers will be offered the opportunity to publish in the International Journal of Project Management, Project Management Journal or International Journal of Managing Projects in Business.

Click here for the more comprehensive call for papers.

The deadline for paper submissions is 12 January 2016.

For further information about the conference, please visit: http://www.euram-online.org/annual-conference-2016.html

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