English Website of China’s PMR Magazine Launched



English version of popular Chinese publication offers new window to the world of project management in China

24 April 2018 – Beijing, China and Dallas, TX, USA – The English website of Project Management Review (PMR) magazine in China has been launched. The goals of the website are as follows: to promote the development of project management; to bring project management professionals closer; to spread China’s voice in project management. By adhering to the principle “In Step with Projects, In Pace with Progress”, they are making tremendous efforts to make the website useful and interesting to readers.

For more information, click the website: http://www.pmreview.com.cn/english/

Here is a brief introduction to different columns of PMR English website:

China Wisdom. The column will draw project management wisdom from traditional Chinese culture and make China’s voice in PM heard across the globe. Viewpoints, academic research, case study, etc. by Chinese experts are the focus of this column.

International Perspective. In this column, the latest international observations about the profession will be presented. Articles about PM trends, tools and methods, case studies will be included. Authors share their enlightening and thought-provoking observations about the profession from different angles.

Interview. As the name indicates, this column covers interviews with influential experts in PM who share their experiences, stories and thoughts.

Experts. This is a gathering of experts with their photos and short bios. By this means, respect and admiration will be shown to those who are “watchmen, cultivators and forerunners” of this profession.

Magazines. Printed magazines published by PMR multi-media platform are presented. So far, there are two magazines: Project Management Review (PMR) and Project Management Watch (PMW). The brief introduction to every issue may provide you with some insights into project management.

Books.  A collection of books published, translated, promoted, or advertised by PMR multi-media platform. 

Besides, Wechat and LinkedIn pages are introduced on the website in hopes of building an interaction platform for readers.

Upon the launch of the English website of PMR magazine, many congratulatory notes from experts around the world have been received. Here are some:

Congratulations on the launch of the English website of PMR. This is very good and important news, as so few PM professionals outside of China read Chinese. Now we will have an opportunity to learn more about developments in the Chinese project management profession and about major Chinese projects and programs. We will help spread the news through our journal and library. Hopefully we can all work together to create a better world with more knowledgeable and professional project management. Good luck with this important new initiative.                                        

——David L. Pells, Managing editor of PM World Journal

Congratulations to PMR Magazine’s editors, journalists, and sponsors for the new English website! I have used the Chinese version before, and have benefited from finding some pages to be available in English. With your update, you will add even broader global impact, and will increase benefits for the practice of project management. I already see some of my favorite friends in your new draft release: Xue Yan, Ding Ronggui, and Ou Lixiong, in your list of Experts, and the mention of your interviews with Rodney Turner and David Pells. May your new English website carry on the great traditions of PMR!        

——Stacy Goff, PM expert, author, past President of IPMA-USA

Congratulations on the launch of the English website of PMR. There is so much happening in projects and project management in China that we are not aware of in Europe. My colleagues in project management who are more often in China than me are really always excited about the Chinese achievements. While we are struggling with our comparatively small new Berlin Airport, we can learn from the planned new Beijing Airport. China will also be a leading market for a variety of frugal innovations; thus we can also learn how to manage innovation projects from China. A leading market is a market in which a new innovative design will first become a mass product and this design will later on also diffuse in many other lag markets. Wish PMR all the best!

   —— Hans Georg Gemünden, professor, Ex editor-in-chief of Project Management Journal

Congratulations! Project management develops very fast. Aspects such as psychology, leadership, culture, agile organizations and many others are being addressed in modern project management, highlights what´s going on in China as well as on a global level. Through this, it shapes the future of our profession and the society at large. Get involved, share your opinions, your experience and get into a dialogue with the international community. At least that´s what IPMA is doing since 1965 in order to enable a world in which all projects succeed.

—— Reinhard Wagner, Chairman of the IPMA Council

I warmly congratulate the opening of PMR website, since it will provide a window of exchanging information on the progress of project management between China and the rest of the world.                                               Especially when we are in the transition stage from industrial economy to knowledge economy, different countries will have their different experiences in exploring project management techniques under Internet+AI era. I hope PMR website every success in the cause of promoting PM prosperity in the future!                                

——Lin Shaopei, Professor of Shanghai Joaotong University, Chairman of PMI-GAC China Committee.

Project management is the best method for managing projects and Project Management Review should also be the best medium for reviewing project management. Congratulations on the launch of English Website of PMR. 

——Dr. Wang Shouqing, Professor of Tsinghua University; Chief Expert at Center for Public-Private Partnership, Tsinghua University

Congratulations on the launch of the PMR English Website. The global development of project management requires global communications in the global community of project management practitioners. I believe the website will play an indispensable role in promoting the global communications.

              ——Wang Xiaojin, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Yunnan University

For more information, please click the website: http://www.pmreview.com.cn/english/

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