Early Education Program in Chile gets $75 million boost



New program will serve 9,200 more children, improve infrastructure and train 8,000 teachers and technicians 

12 December 2014 – Santiago, Chile and Washington, DC, USA – The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has announced a loan of $75 million to finance a program that will contribute to the improvement of conditions for the development of girls and boys up to four years old in Chile through the expansion of daycare and pre-school centers. The program will incorporate high standards in infrastructure, equipment and services provided. 

141212-pmwj30-chile-IMAGEThe objectives of the Program for the Expansion and Improvement of Early Education include reducing the gap in care by expanding coverage, especially for Chilean families with fewer socio-economic resources, and contributing to the implementation of a high-quality agenda through activities that improve the performance of teachers and the quality of education. 

“At the IDB we are pleased to support early education in Chile, where quality activities generate many positive impacts during the school and adult years and are a powerful mechanism for promoting equity and social justice,” said Jesús Duarte, project team leader at the IDB. 

The program will finance the construction and equipment of approximately 150 early education centers, with about 222 daycare centers and 195 pre-school centers.

Construction of the new centers will meet the guidelines, norms and models established by the Ministry of Education and the National Kindergarten Board to facilitate comprehensive learning solutions, including a high degree of adaption of buildings to the bio-psychosocial characteristics of the children, to their activities and to the deployment of teaching procedures that help children to achieve their maximum potential. 

The program also will support an effort to improve pre-school education, the establishment of a system of geo-referencing the pre-school centers, the strengthening of teaching and administrative practices at the centers of the National Kindergarten Board, and the evaluation of the program.

Among the results of these activities will be a proposal for a strategy to reduce the gap between the current centers and the establishments to be built with the new standards, which will guide the country’s actions in this area in coming years. The program also will create new places for 4,500 children in daycare centers and 4,700 new places in early education centers, and will provide training to 8,000 teachers and technicians. 

Established in 1959, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is a source of multilateral financing for sustainable economic, social and institutional development programs and projects throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. More information about the IDB is at http://www.iadb.org/. For more about IDB projects, visit http://www.iadb.org/en/projects/projects,1229.html.

Source: Inter-American Development Bank