DYNAMICS 2015 Project Management Conference in Istanbul in April



“Dynamics 2015” International Project Management Congress of Turkey will be held on the 16th and 17th of April in İstanbul

Reported by İpek Sahra Özgüler in Istanbul

31 March 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey – The Istanbul Project Management Association (IPYD) will hold their 16th annual “Dynamics” project management conference this year in İstanbul’s Kozyatagi Hilton Hotel in April. CEO’s from distinguished Turkish companies and Beşiktaş Mayor Murat Hazinedar will be attending the congress as keynotes.

150331-pmwj33-dynamics-IMAGEThe Dynamics Project Management Congress is organized by IPYD, (http://www.ipyd.org/) with the goal of bringing project managers and those who are interested in project management together to share their knowledge and experiences and to showcase project management successes in their fields.

“Dynamics 2015/16th International Project Management Congress”, Turkey’s first and biggest project management congress, will take place on 16-17 April, 2015, at the Kozyatağı Hilton Hotel.  The goal is to create an environment where national and international attendees from different sectors, such as telecommunications, construction, IT, finance, healthcare, the public sector, sciences and NGOs, can come together to exchange information.

Technology is moving fast and we need to keep up with the speed in order to stay afoot in our sectors. We need to be aware of the blessings that progress brings and to use them wisely. As we serve our customers, we need to compete with our rivals and use all the channels available to us to reach potential customers. We have a lot of work to do, but our time and resources are limited. It is necessary to track the changes in the world and the global economic crisis and to take precautions when necessary.

The Istanbul Project Management Association invites you to the Dynamics 2015 Congress, where attendees from leading organizations in our country from different sectors come together. Present yourself and your company at this congress that is organized annually and is the preferred venue for project managers.

Visit http://dinamikler.org/ for details.

The Istanbul Project Management Association was formed in 1997. Today, IPYD continues to pursue its founding goals of enabling project management to be accepted as a career across all disciplines, advance and expand project management theory and application, encourage professionalism and quality in project management, and develop and protect ethical rules, professional standards and accreditation conditions.