Don’t miss 4th Annual Scottish Project Management Conference in Edinburgh on 17 April 2013


Reported by Miles Shepherd in UK

20 January 2013 – Edinburgh, Scotland – The Scotland Branch of the Association for Project Management will hold their 4th annual Scottish Project Management Conference, with the theme Delivering the vision – Clarity of purpose and successful delivery of projects, on Wednesday 17th of April 2013 at the Edinburgh Corn Exchange, 11 Newmarket Road, Edinburgh, EH14 1RJ, Scotland.  For information, visit http://www.apm.org.uk/event/scottish-conference-2013-delivering-vision.

The 4th Annual Scottish Conference in 2013 will focus on how projects and project teams ensure clarity of what they are setting out to do and clearly communicate what they will deliver. This is a fundamental for all projects.  The conference will therefore focus on how diverse teams maintain their vision of delivery and how that is practically translated into reality.

bloodhound super sonic carThe keynote speaker will be Richard Noble of the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car project.

Creating a jet and rocket powered car that can hit 1,000mph in a matter of seconds isn’t just about Britain retaining the land speed record, Bloodhound SSC provides a stimulating topic for schools with the aim to produce the next generation of engineers, scientists and project managers.

Richard Noble OBE will underline the importance for his engineers having a full understanding of project management, as it ultimately impacts project cost. Richard said: “In our project we don’t have managers, so everybody is doing their own project management. The problem is some are very good at it and some of them aren’t.”

“We have a very high level of fixed costs and all the time I drum into them the fact that if you make a mistake and we are delayed by one day then that is £12,000 gone.” Richard stressed that in order to avoid this then everybody should be given the required project management skills.

Other speakers and topics on the agenda will include the following:

Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Airport  – Upping the tempo: Delivering change in Scotland’s busiest airport – Gordon was part of the Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) team which bought Edinburgh Airport from BAA in July last year. He will speak on the challenges of establishing Edinburgh Airport as a more dynamic, competitive player in the global aviation industry. These challenges include leading change within a high profile and fast moving operational environment whilst never compromising on quality of service or standards of safety and security.

Graeme McNaught, Project Planning Manager, Selex – How we ensure successful projects – This session will take a look at how Selex ES creates and maintains an environment conducive to project success. The discussion will include an overview of Selex ES, its product portfolio and the projects therein. Then how Selex ES continues to innovate in order to maintain and grow market share. This can only be achieved by having a clear vision for the company’s strategy, understanding the needs of the customer base and the ability to execute a comprehensive plan of action at all levels of the business. The session will delve into the organisational and operational environment that Selex ES has evolved over the years to maximise the success of the business, and deliver world class products and services to its customers.

Dr Richard Blanchfield, Uk Delivery Manager, NorthConnect KS – NorthConnect: Delivering Scotland’s sustainable future – The NorthConnect interconnector with Norway will play a crucial role in securing Scotland’s vision as a leader in renewable power, by connecting Scottish wind and wave developments with Norway’s hydro-storage potential. With increasingly uncertain power supplies in the coming decade, this sort of integration of energy markets will be essential for the European vision of a renewable and sustainable future for our society.  In his position as UK Delivery Manager for the project over the last two years, Richard’s primary aim has been to keep the project team aligned with that vision to meet the project objectives, in an environment where political and regulatory risks pose a constant threat to its viability. The presentation will illustrate how the big picture and detailed work has been linked through stakeholder and other management techniques to keep the project delivery on track.

Paul Major, Program Framework – Start with the end in mind – engaging the audience is more important than creating the plan!  Our training, our job descriptions and even industry regulators might tell us that creating the “plan”, establishing governance, implementing policy and process are all the hallmarks of a great project.  Maybe they are, but are they the hallmarks of a successful project, one where the original vision, idea, dream or benefit was achieved?  When was the last time an end user (or sponsor for that matter) burst into your office and said “I hear you have a great project plan, a brilliant blueprint, a fantastic project initiation document, can you show me so I can tell all my team about it?” – Probably not often, or recently!

Afternoon sessions

The afternoon sessions of the conference will feature a number of round table sessions from a number of participants, including APM’s Governance, PMO, Value Management and Risk Specific Interest Groups. These sessions are designed as intimate opportunities to hear about the conference theme through the lens of each particular group.

Sponsorship and exhibition opportunities are available and details can be obtained by contacting Merry Wadlow ([email protected])

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Source: Association for Project Management