Cranefield College Launches e-Learning System for Project and Programme Management


1 November 2013 – South Africa – The Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management in South Africa has announced the launch of a full-blown e-Learning System utilising the Blackboard Learn System technology.

According to their announcement, Cranefield College has positioned its academic qualifications to serve the leadership and management needs of organisations best, in both the private and public sectors. Its academic qualifications focus on value chain management, including the organisation’s supply chain activities, its project management portfolios, and the appropriate leadership behaviours for strategic success. In the current economic climate, employers prefer job-relevant education and training for improving the competence of employees and for providing them with the necessary skills to be of immediate benefit to the organisation.

131105-pmwj16-elearning-launch-IMAGEWhat employees learn from Cranefield today, they are able to implement in their work contexts tomorrow. Without such practical incentives, it does not make sense for employers to invest in education. Due to the modular structure of Cranefield’s academic programmes, students spend only one day per month away from work. Between class contact days, student syndicate groups meet outside work hours to discuss their practical case studies.

Cranefield’s newly acquired Blackboard Learn System enhances the entire process for lecturers and students, also enabling students to attend classes interactively on-line. All classes are streamed live (from Cranefield’s main campus in Johannesburg) and students are able to see and ask questions from the lecturer. Remote students, including those in other countries, are now able to attend live classes via the Internet. Where a student is unable to participate in one of the live classes (due to a particular work situation or time zone constraint, for instance), he or she can still subsequently view a recording thereof. Students who participated may elect to view the recording for revision purposes.

For case discussions in the abovementioned syndicate groups, students are also able to meet via the Internet in a dedicated on-line collaboration room where they can see and hear each other, using Blackboard. This is so not only for students outside Johannesburg – those attending the lectures on campus may also choose to book a virtual room for some of their discussions, thereby saving time and travel.

All class-based academic programs, including the master’s degree (MComPM), can now be offered to students nationwide and internationally through blended learning, combining class contact with e-learning support. Exceptional students may advance all the way to the PhD degree, which signifies the highest level of academic and professional attainment.

Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management is an accredited institution of higher learning based in South Africa, with main campus in Midrand, Johannesburg and administrative offices in Pretoria. Cranefield College offers an Advanced Certificate, Advanced Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s Degree, and Doctor of Philosophy through Blended Learning. Live streaming of classes on the internet forms part of the Blended Learning mode.  Cranefield also offers a range of Short Courses, including web-based short courses (see Multimedia Distance Learning – MDL). For more information, visit http://www.cranefield.ac.za/.

Source: Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management