Cranefield College Announces Enhanced Distance Learning for Programme and Project Management


12 April 2014 – Pretoria, South Africa – Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management has announced the availability of enhanced online distance learning options related to programme and project management. The new Enhanced Distance Learning program combines with Blackboard Learn and Collaborate to provide a more exciting delivery mode for students worldwide.

Cranefield College positioned its academic qualifications to serve the leadership and management needs of organisations best. Its academic qualifications focus on value chain performance management, including programme-managing the organisation’s supply chain activities and project portfolios.

Appropriate leadership behaviours for strategic success are strongly emphasised. What students learn from Cranefield today, they are able to implement in their work contexts tomorrow. Increasingly, employers prefer job-relevant education and training for employees, through which they can acquire skills that are of immediate benefit to their organisations. The average age of Cranefield’s students is 38, ranging from 23 to 55.

dr. pieter steynAccording to Prof Pieter Steyn, Head Director at Cranefield (pictured), “We have just been re-accredited as ‘distance learning’, which suits us as the combination with Blackboard works very well. We would now like to alert students in more countries that we have this new distance learning capability to help them attain masters and PhD degrees more easily from wherever they are.”

Cranefield’s enhanced distance learning capacity offers substantial advantages in the flexibility and agility of its programme delivery to students. Students spend only one five-hour session per month participating in class, and have a choice between attending live sessions on campus or following the live sessions interactively online from work or home. All classes are streamed live (from Cranefield’s main campus in Midrand, Gauteng) and students are able to see and hear, and pose questions to, the lecturer. Remote students, including those in other countries, are thus able to participate in the live classes via the Internet, using Cranefield’s Blackboard system.

Where a student is unable to participate in a live session (due to a particular work situation, for instance), he or she can still subsequently view a recording thereof. For case discussions in syndicate groups, students are also able to meet via the Internet in a dedicated online collaboration room where they can see and hear each other in an organised fashion, using Cranefield’s Blackboard Collaborate system. This is so not only for students outside Gauteng, but also for those attending the lectures on campus who choose to utilise a virtual collaboration room for their discussions, thereby saving time and travel.

All Cranefield’s academic programmes, from the Advanced Certificate through to the Master’s and PhD degrees, are available to students nationwide and internationally through enhanced distance learning, combining live lectures with e-learning support. The Master’s degree is a specialised professional qualification that has proved invaluable to numerous Cranefield graduates in terms of taking them to new heights in their careers. The PhD degree is available only to exceptional students, and signifies the highest level of advanced professional study and academic attainment.

Cranefield College students receive strategy-centred leadership and management education based on project, programme, portfolio, and value chain management principles. This enables them to lead their organisations towards achieving performance excellence, utilising cross-functional project and supply chain processes. Communication is enhanced while continuous change and service delivery excellence to customers are achieved. Rigid functional approaches to leadership and management, which lack both strategic purpose and customer focus, can no longer cope with the demands of the new economy.  In today’s economic environment, organisations that fail to move away from bureaucratic practices towards a learning and knowledge culture, strongly supported by transformational leaders, will not survive.

Information about Cranefield College of Project and Programme Management can be found at http://www.cranefield.ac.za/. Connect with Cranefield on LinkedIn at 140414-pmwj22-enhanced-IMAGE2

Source: Cranefield College