Call for Short Papers for the 6th IPMA Research Conference



International project management research conference to be in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during 2-3 September 2018

Reported by Jouko Vaskimo in Helskinki

3 January 2018 – Zurich, Switzerland – The International Project Management Association (IPMA) has issued a call for papers for the next IPMA project management research conference.  With the theme of “Project Management and its impact on societies”, this important gathering of project management researchers and scholars will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during 2-3 September 2018.

The IPMA Research Conference was founded in 2013, and as a Think Tank it aims to bring researchers, experts, scholars and practitioners in project management together who share a common passion for their discipline. During the conference, they discuss and exchange research ideas and achievements on the topic of projects and its management. The distinctive feature of this small in size conference is the intense dialogue between practitioners and academics which can neither be found at scientific or professional conferences.

The annual international conference has been held in Germany, China, South Africa, Iceland and South Korea since its beginning and aims to bring together experts from all countries worldwide to increase the mutual understanding of the global challenges of project managers in diverse environments and industries. The special spirit of the IPMA Research Conferences can be particularly felt in the World Café sessions where the participants can gain new insights and perspectives for today´s challenges in project management.

2018 conference theme: “Project management and its impact on societies”

Modern project management was developed in the 1970s in industrial sectors like aerospace, aeronautics, defence and construction industry. From here the methods were taken over to industries like automotive, mechanical engineering, but also IT, insurances or banking. Today project management is applied in education, the health sector, sports, public administration and politics, but also in private life as professions like career planner show. The global trend of “Projectification” that comprises all areas of professional and private life is ubiquitous.

The scope of the 6th IPMA Research Conference 2018 is to develop an overview about the degree of projectification in the different national economies. Are there differences between the levels of projectification between developed, emerging and developing countries? Is the level of projectification higher in national economies that are based on the service sector or on the manufacturing industry? What are the key drivers for projectification? Does the economic cycle have an impact on the level of projectification of a national economy? And if this is the case, how does it work: as a leading indicator or as a lagging indicator?

A second aim of the IPMA Research Conference 2018 is to explore the consequences of the global trend of projectification on societies. In times of increasing automatisation and digitalisation of the standard line processes in organisations, more and more people work in projects to realize the strategies of executives, to create innovations and to further develop these ideas into new products and services, to develop marketing campaigns or to improve internal processes in organisations. Employment contracts are becoming increasingly limited to the duration of a project. This seems to give greater flexibility both to the employer and the employee. Long-term or even life-long employment will become an exception. But what does this projectification development mean for the individual, for the organisations and for the societies, for the social security systems like unemployment insurances or pension systems, for the planning of the private life and family planning, or for decision making processes e.g. for private mortgage lending? The IPMA Research Conference 2018 aims to pursue answers to these urgent questions.

Projectification leads to the fact that public projects like infrastructure projects become more transparent as the introduction of project management leads to transparent project governance structures in public administration. The approval and execution of major public projects like streets, public transportation, schools and universities, hospitals or high-speed data networks can lead to better way of value creation for a country for the sake of its citizens and a better life for everyone.

This call for short papers is meant to encourage a broad range of submissions. The authors are encouraged to reach beyond the usual boundaries of the project domain, and to embrace innovative approaches for further developing our understanding of project management.


The following subtopics and workshop streams are planned:

  • Status of projectification of societies
  • Consequence of the global projectification trend for individuals, organisations and societies
  • Public administration based on transparent project governance structures
  • National project maturity levels / index measurement
  • Value creation through projects/ project management for the society

Submission guidelines:

Authors are invited to submit proposals for short presentations of their work in progress, new ideas or recent results. We encourage submissions from all areas related to project management. Short papers should be of no more than 500 words by March 31, 2018. Authors of accepted short papers will be expected to provide a full paper by May 31, 2018 and to present their ideas in a presentation at the IPMA Research Conference.

  • Short outline of the content (500 words)
  • References
  • Biographical details of the author

Please submit a .pdf file of your short paper by March 31th 2018 to: [email protected].

For further information please contact: [email protected].

The 2018 IPMA Research Conference coordinators: Yvonne Schoper, Helgi Thor Ingason, Raphael Albergarias, Marcos Rego

Founded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, IPMA is one of the world’s oldest project management professional organizations. IPMA is a federation of more than 55 national project management societies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. IPMA sponsors research, standards, awards, seminars, an annual world congress and the IPMA Young Crew, all related to professional project, programme and portfolio management. For more information about IPMA, visit www.ipma.world.

Source: IPMA



Making Organizational Change Stick



New book from Routledge addresses the need for project managers and change managers to work together more effectively

2 January 2018 – Florida, USA – Routledge has announced the publication of a new book titled Making Organizational Change Stick: How to create a culture of partnership between Project and Change Management, by Gabrielle O’Donovan. Published in 2018, this new book is written for change managers, project/programme managers, design thinkers, business architects and anyone concerned with the structure, process and people of business change.

According to the Routledge release: Business needs change. And it needs it in ways, at a rate and on a scale that is unprecedented. Current success rates for business change projects are dismal and are likely to remain so until organizations learn how to integrate Change Management and Project Management successfully. Gabrielle O’Donovan shows you how to how to design strategy, structures and processes to realise this integration and deliver sustainable and commercially powerful business change.

She opens the book by providing the context: describing the problem with change projects; the issues that feed the 40% – 70% failure rate; the strengths and weaknesses of the project management and change management disciplines and, crucially, the value proposition of these respective disciplines and the models and tools they employ. In the second half of the book she makes a change partners culture explicit and measurable, by articulating those cultural assumptions that will support an effective change management/project management partnership, and that relate to universal problems all organisations face regarding the macro environment, external adaptability and survival, and internal integration.

From there, she describes how project managers and change managers can divide work packages and activities throughout the end-to-end project lifecycle, offering a toolkit to enable you to bring this change partners culture to life and ensure change is not only implemented – but embedded. Learn more about the book here.

Gabrielle O’Donovan has clocked up more than 30,000 hours over 20-plus years working on transformational change projects that have cover the full spectrum – culture transformation, process reengineering, restructuring, regulatory, infrastructure, technology plus M&A. Edgar Schein, Professor Emeratis, Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA has remarked on Gabrielle’s work on culture as ‘notable’. She is an accomplished Change Management and Organizational Culture practitioner, author, university lecturer and conference speaker.

Routledge is one of the world’s leading academic publishers in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Routledge publishes thousands of books and journals each year, serving scholars, instructors, and professional communities worldwide. Routledge is a member of Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business.  To see Routledge catalogues and titles, go to https://www.routledge.com/. To see their project management titles, click here.

Source: Routledge



Wideman Website updates for January 2018



Wideman Comparative Glossary of Project Management Terms updated

1 January 2018 – Ontario, Canada – Max Wideman has announced updates to his popular and educational project management website, www.maxwideman.com.

According to Max this month:

We are very excited to announce that we have completed the conversion of our ubiquitous Wideman Comparative Glossary of Project Management Terms V5.5 for presentation on line. This will be the last version available in this linked form for free from this website – just go to PM Glossary in the left hand column. As announced in our headline last month, our V6.1 database outputs are being produced in separate project and product domain related versions; see details at http://www.maxwideman.com/order_formV61/order_info.htm

We have good advice in this month’s Musings: Are you doing enough to Optimize your Project Administration in this Digital Age? A Xerox Report on Digitization at Work offers Five Suggestions on how to find out.

If you are looking for answers, guidelines or templates, check out Max’s Issacons – “Issues and Considerations” – that are presented in bullet form for quick and easy reference by project managers.

Have you seen Max’s book A Management Framework for Project, Program and Portfolio Integration? For information or to order a copy, visit http://www.maxwideman.com/papers/framework_book/intro.htm. Do you have a project management question? Find the answer at: http://www.maxwideman.com.

Max Wideman is one of the world’s best-known project management authorities. An engineer and professional project manager, his experience includes systems, social and environmental projects, as well as design and engineering projects. He is a Fellow of the Project Management Institute, of which he is past president and chairman and for which he led the development of the 1987 version of the Project Management Body of Knowledge. He is also a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), the Engineering Institute of Canada, and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering. His personal web site at http://www.maxwideman.com is a source of superior project management knowledge and information. It is free to the public.



Project Management for Education



New book from PMI Education Foundation supports both teachers and learners

28 December 2017 – Philadelphia, PA, USA – The PMI Education Foundation (PMIEF) has announced the publication of a new book aimed at helping both teachers and students, “Project Management for Education: The Bridge to 21st Century Learning.” The book is authored by Bernie Trilling and Walter Ginervi.

According to the PMIEF introduction to the book: Project Management for Education (“PM4Ed” for short), aims to help build indispensable bridges between project management and education, to support the evolving transformation of education to equip students with the essential skills to tackle our world’s “glocal” (global and local) problems, and to empower all learners to successfully manage their personal, social, and life challenges.

PM4Ed is two books in one: an Educator Guide and a Project Manager Guide bringing the advantages and benefits of project management’s powerful and practical principles and practices to the world of primary and secondary education. By flipping this book over, you can switch between the two guides to explore how both educators and project managers (PMs) are increasingly moving toward the same goal—to help all students become more successful 21st century learners, well prepared for future work, citizenship, family, and community life.

According to the PMIEF introduction, “after reading this book both teachers and project managers will be able to answer the critical question, How do we manage learning projects, and how can we help students be more effective designers and managers of their own learning?”

Bernie Trilling is Founder and CEO of 21st Century Learning Advisors. He is an active member in a variety of organizations dedicated to bringing 21st century deeper learning methods to students and teachers across the globe. Walter Ginervi has a long experience as a practicing project, program and portfolio manager. With PMIEF’s support, he is strongly committed to spreading the project language in the schools all over the world.

For more about the book, visit https://pmief.org/library/project-management-for-education

Learn more about the PMI Education Foundation at https://pmief.org/



Bocconi University graduate student completes PMWL internship



Domenico Moccia in Milan completes project management research internship with December contributions

26 December 2017 – Dallas, USA and Milan, Italy – PM World has announced that Domenico Moccia, a graduate student in the business school at Bocconi University in Italy, has completed the PM World Library’s project management research internship. Domenico is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Marketing Management at Bocconi University in Milan.

Domenico holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Economics. During his studies and work abroad, Domenico has operated with international teams and faced a wide range of managerial issues: this led him to discover his passion for Project Management and Business Process Analysis and Improvement. His major fields of study are marketing and business administration.  His research interests have included strategy, supply chain, marketing project management and entrepreneurship.

According to PM World Library Director David Pells, “Domenico researched a variety of project management topics for the library, most recently discovering Susanne Madsen’s leadership website in UK.  We really appreciated his diligence and contributions, even while completing an important on-the-ground internship on the island of Majorca in recent months.”

According to Domenico, “I enjoyed the opportunity to work with the PM World Library this year. This virtual internship forced me to conduct research that I would not have done otherwise. That has already been helpful to me, both in school and during my current work.”

Pells added, “I want to also thank Professor Marco Sampietro at Bocconi University who referred Domenico to us.  Mr. Moccia was great; he helped populate several section of the library with very useful resources.  The interns from Bocconi have all proven both intellectually stimulated and reliable, which we greatly appreciate.”

PM World offers virtual project management research internships to university students worldwide who are studying at recognized universities.  Internships offer students an opportunity to research specific program/project management topics, network with other interns, gain visibility, enhance their CVs and contribute to PM World’s dual missions of promoting knowledge sharing and continuous learning. Interns also receive five years of free PMWL membership.  To see participating university interns, go to http://pmworldlibrary.net/university-interns/

See Domenico’s research results at https://pmworldlibrary.net/domenico-moccia/

The PM World Library (PMWL) is a global resource for continuous learning in programme and project management. The PMWL is administered by PM World, which also produces the monthly PM World Journal (PMWJ), a global resource for sharing knowledge related to portfolio, program and project management (P/PM). To see the latest edition of the PMWJ, go to www.pmworldjournal.net.  To learn more, visit www.pmworldlibrary.net.



Jacobs Completes CH2M Acquisition



Merger creates $15 Billion Project and Program Services Giant

18 December 2018 – Dallas, TX and Denver, CO, USA – Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. has announced the completion of its acquisition of CH2M via a cash and stock transaction. The combination, which received broad affirmative support from CH2M shareholders, is expected to further drive the company’s profitable growth strategy.

“This is a transformative step-change that brings together the industry’s foremost expertise and services to fulfill our vision to provide leading-edge solutions for a more connected, sustainable world,” said Jacobs Chairman and CEO Steve Demetriou (pictured). “Since our August announcement, we have held meetings with thousands of CH2M and Jacobs employees, and I cannot overstate the enthusiasm we share about our future together. Today, we are celebrating the creation of a new Jacobs with even greater aspirations to do meaningful work around the world, heartened by clients who have eagerly anticipated this combination.”

Demetriou stressed the combined firm’s continuing emphasis on talent retention and hiring as a top priority. “People are the heart of our organization, and we are calling on the best and brightest to join the new Jacobs to drive our growth strategy and be part of our exciting future.”

Focused Integration Discipline

Jacobs formed an Integration Management Office (IMO) early in August to begin integration planning following the announcement of the proposed CH2M acquisition. The IMO identified rigorous processes and protocols to drive realization of cost and growth synergies, for which Jacobs’ executive team and Board of Directors will continue to provide active oversight.

“We are applying lessons learned from past integration experiences and adopting best practices for critical factors, such as talent retention, and building on the excellent cultural foundations of both organizations,” said Demetriou. “We are well positioned to capitalize on the differentiated value proposition created by this combination, and our continued efforts to drive incremental focus and accountability will be supported by a simplification of our operating model. Most important, our clients will be able to better realize the benefits of our industry-leading, innovative capabilities.”

Reaffirms Financial Outlook

Both organizations reported strong performance in 2017, bolstering confidence in prospects for enhanced value creation in the newly combined firm and reinforcing the expectations for integration synergies and returns on the transaction.

For more, to read the full news release, click here.

About Jacobs

Jacobs leads the global professional services sector, delivering solutions for a more connected, sustainable world. With $15.0 billion in combined revenue and a talent force more than 74,000 strong, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of services including scientific, technical, professional and construction- and program-management for business, industrial, commercial, government and infrastructure sectors. For more information, visit www.jacobs.com.

Source: Jacobs Engineering

33 new works by 36 authors added to PM World Library



PM World Collection grows to 2391 project management articles, papers & other works by 1,014 different authors in more than 65 countries

15 December 2017– Dallas, London, Sydney – PM World has announced that 33 new articles, papers and other original works about program and project management (P/PM) have been added to the PM World Library (PMWL) this month.  These contributions by 33 different authors in 17 different countries were published in the December 2017 edition of the PM World Journal (PMWJ).  They can now be found among the most recent papers, articles and book reviews on the PMWL home page at www.pmworldlibrary.net.

The new additions bring the total in the PM World Collection to 2,391 original works by 1,014 different authors in 65+ countries.  The collection is growing each month by 20-30 new works from many different authors; of the 36 authors this month, 17 were new to the journal and library.  Profiles of all authors in the library, along with access to their works, can be found at http://pmworldlibrary.net/author-showcase/.

According to PMWL Director David Pells, “We have again published some outstanding articles and papers in this edition.  The biggest development however is the publication of 10 student papers this month, by graduate students studying project and programme management at SKEMA Business School in France.  These have come to us courtesy of Prof Paul Giammalvo, adjunct professor for SKEMA’s contract management course and himself a frequent contributor to the PMWJ.”

New authors in December include Jonas Bencze (France/Germany), Tomas Blomquist (Sweden), Sarah Chaouche (France), Constance Dierickx (USA), Laura Faivre (France), Ilias Hafsi (Morocco), Kim Hylton-Reed (USA), David Kressin (USA), Amy Nguyen (France), Livinus Nweke (Nigeria), Nana Osei (Ghana), Sara Rifai (Morocco), Quan Sheng (China), Martin Smit (South Africa), Chiranjit Sonowal (India), Nils Wahlin (Sweden) and Xiaohua Zeng (China). New works from 19 authors already included in the library were also added.

“We also honored some excellent 2017 articles and papers,” Pells adds.  “We launched our first Editor’s Choice Awards with this edition, which you can read about in my welcome editorial. It was also rewarding for me to go back through the last 12 editions of the PMWJ to find some outstanding works to recognize. Everyone should reread those 14 papers.”

The PM World Library (PMWL) is a global resource for continuous learning in portfolio, program and project management (P/PM).  The PMWL is produced and maintained by PM World, Inc. that also publishes the monthly PM World Journal (PMWJ), a digital monthly publication featuring dozens of articles, papers and news stories about projects and project management around the world.  The PMWJ is registered with the US Library of Congress (ISSN: 2330-4480), has been published monthly since August 2012 and is indexed by EBSCO, one of the world’s largest providers of databases to libraries and universities. To see the latest edition of the PMWJ, visit www.pmworldjournal.net; to learn more, visit www.pmworldlibrary.net.

See archives of past editions of the PMWJ at http://pmworldlibrary.net/ppm-journals-and-magazines/.

Editor’s note: Access to the PM World Collection, Author Showcase and many other resources in the PM World Library is free. See the Scholar Membership for low cost access to EBSCO databases of thousands of business books, magazines, journals and other publications.  Comments or questions can be emailed to [email protected].



Hill International to Provide Program Support Services for SFO International Airport $7.3B Capital Improvement Program



20 November 2017 – Philadelphia, PA and San Francisco, CA, USA – Hill International has announced that it has received a contract from the City and County of San Francisco Airport Commission to provide Capital Program Support Services for San Francisco International Airport’s (SFO) $7.3 billion Capital Improvement Program (CIP). The initial term will be $8.5 million for the first year of services, and can be renewed annually by SFO up to 4 additional years (not to exceed 5 years and $40 million).

“Hill specializes in helping our airport clients manage and control complex programs and projects like SFO’s CIP,” said Michael B. Smith, Senior Vice President and Western Regional Manager for Hill’s Project Management Group. “We look forward to working on this critical CIP with SFO, and to helping SFO maintain and enhance their position as the Bay Area’s premier gateway.”

Hill’s support services will comprise program-level reporting, cost and schedule development and analysis, cost estimating, construction and logistics management, process development and training, risk mitigation and maintenance of SFO’s project management system. This support will help SFO to achieve the goals of the CIP as efficiently and effectively as possible. CIP goals include constructing new facilities, expanding infrastructure, augmenting security, developing systems functionality and performing maintenance for terminal, airfield and groundside components to accommodate increasing passenger growth.

Hill International (NYSE:HIL), with more than 3,000 professionals in more than 50 offices worldwide, provides program management, project management, construction management, and other consulting services primarily to the buildings, transportation, environmental, energy and industrial markets.  Engineering News-Record magazine recently ranked Hill as the eighth-largest construction management firm in the United States. For more information on Hill, please visit our website at www.hillintl.com.

Source: Hill International


AIPM announces Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives



8 November 2017 – Sydney, Australia – The Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) has announced new diversity and inclusion initiatives.  AIPM is reinforcing its commitment to diversity and inclusion as a key cog of the Institute’s codes and culture by immediately committing to a number of key initiatives in the space.

The Institute has previously flagged its commitment to Diversity and Inclusion with its Diversity Statement, but it was recognised that both AIPM’s membership and its leadership demographics are currently not sufficiently representative of the multicultural community that makes up Australia and the more broadly Asia Pacific region. As a result, the AIPM has embarked on a journey in conjunction with key stakeholders to create a Diversity and Inclusion plan to deliver to our wider membership base.

During their presentation at the 2017 AIPM National Conference in Melbourne, Chair of the Board, AIPM, Mr Leh Simonelli FAIPM CPPD together with fellow Director Nicole Nader MAIPM CPPD, announced a number of key initiatives including aspirational targets of 30% female representation in our membership base as well as in leadership and office bearer roles along with a 15% representation of under 35’s in our membership by 2020.

Please click here to visit the AIPM website to read details of the initiatives in full.

Formed in 1976 as the Project Managers’ Forum, AIPM has been instrumental in progressing the profession of project management in Australia over the past 35 years.  AIPM’s role is to improve the knowledge, skills and competence of project team members, project managers and project directors.  AIPM’s vision is to be recognized by business, industry, and government as the key promoter, developer, and leader in project management professionalism.  AIPM is the Australian national member of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).  More about AIPM can be found at www.aipm.com.au.

Source: AIPM



Project management profession needs to lead on climate change



New report by UCL Professor Peter Morris in UK outlines plan of action

5 November 2017 – London, UK – The Association for Project Management (APM) has announced the publication of a major new report authored by UCL Emeritus Professor Peter Morris and APM Vice-President titled Climate Change and what the project management profession should be doing about it – a UK perspective.  In the report, Professor Morris argues that project management has a significant role to play in reducing the causes and consequences of climate change.

Professor Morris reviews where society stands regarding the potential implication of climate change and what project management as a profession should be doing about it. The report reviews the dimensions of the challenge and looks at how the profession could better achieve the targets agreed at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015.

Professor Morris proposes:

  • Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) at the UN level to define the expectations and methods to be used in working during the very early stages of projects; defining the major task elements, interdependencies, durations, risks, benefits, and organisational roles, processes and structures
  • Creating a single point of accountability (SPA) where possible
  • Project managers mitigating or adapting to climate change from business-as-usual projects to huge R&D projects
  • Applying relevant project management techniques and developing the required capabilities to develop people in owner and sponsor roles

In addition to his personal view, Professor Morris gathered responses from thought leaders in project management including: Sir John Armitt, Professor Andrew Davies, John McGlynn (APM Chairman) and Mark Thurston.

Professor Morris said: “Behaviours play a big role but unfortunately the behaviour changes required to achieve the UN targets are so major that one must doubt whether the goals are realistically attainable. Managing the institutional contexts within which projects and programs have to operate often requires a new type and level of skill. In effect, I am advocating a model of project management that involves a more probing, creative, front-end oriented approach.”

Sara Drake APM CEO said:”What is unique about this paper is that while much has been written about sustainability, this paper brings together all aspects of project management and how the profession can play an important role in shaping our future. We should engage with existing smaller groups to leverage all our knowledge and strength to help reduce the rate of carbon emissions and temperature rises. As the Chartered Body for the project profession, APM will reflect on the report’s recommendations and how the profession needs to address these challenges.”

Professor Andrew Edkins, Professor in the Management of Projects, University of London said:” Peter Morris is Emeritus Professor of the Management of Projects at UCL. After a long and successful career as both practitioner and renowned academic, his swan-song is a paper that is written in a personal yet professional style that seeks to both engage and provoke the reader. Its topic is climate change and the role that the discipline of project management can offer.

“To achieve the paper’s objective, it provides an overview of climate change and why it’s important, then looks at the nature and types of project that have been proposed or initiated to both tackle climate change and adapt to its consequences.

“The key contribution of the paper is not to offer a solution or even a pathway to any solution. It is rather to instigate a discussion, by those who consider themselves within the discipline of project management and between this discipline and those for whom dealing with climate change is a major and increasingly important issue.”

The report is available to download here.

For further information or to arrange an interview please call Cat Finlayson on 0773 607 1158 or email [email protected]

Founded in 1972 and a registered charity in the UK with more than 21,000 individual and 540 corporate members, the APM received a Royal Charter in April 2017.  The APM is dedicated to the development of professional project, programme and portfolio management across all sectors of industry and beyond. APM, with branches throughout the UK and in Hong Kong, is also the UK national representative in the International Project Management Association (IPMA).  More information at http://www.apm.org.uk

Source: Association for Project Management


Guide for effective Benefits Management in Major Projects



3 November 2017 – London, UK – The Association for Project Management (APM) has announced the availability of “A Guide for Effective Benefits Management in Major Projects” released in October by the UK’s Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA).  The guide, which had contributions from the APM Benefits Management Specific Interest Group (SIG), provides structure and sets expectations for major projects teams undertaking benefits management.

Sara Drake, Chief Executive of APM said: “Like the IPA, APM believes in the importance of measuring performance, including the expected benefits of major projects, so we can learn the important lessons and continue to make improvements over time.”

The new guide includes:

  • Key activities to be undertaken within the benefits management lifecycle.
  • Principles and good practice to adopt to ensure benefits are managed and realised.
  • How benefits management fits the HM Treasury Green Book Business Case process.
  • A RACI matrix for the key roles involved in benefits management.
  • A suggested benefits management cycle.

Download the free Guide here

Founded in 1972 and a registered charity in the UK with more than 21,000 individual and 540 corporate members, the APM received a Royal Charter in April 2017.  The APM is dedicated to the development of professional project, programme and portfolio management across all sectors of industry and beyond. APM, with branches throughout the UK and in Hong Kong, is also the UK national representative in the International Project Management Association (IPMA).  More information at http://www.apm.org.uk

Source: Association for Project Management



Call for Papers announced for 12th UT Dallas PM Symposium



Premier project management conference for professionals and organizations in North Texas and central USA

25 October 2017 – Richardson, TX, USA – The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) has announced that the Call for Papers is now open for the 12th Annual UT Dallas Project Management Symposium.  The conference will be held during 17-18 May 2018 in the Naveen Jindal School of Management on The University of Texas at Dallas (UT Dallas) campus in Richardson, Texas, USA. The theme for the 2018 symposium is “Project Management: Leading Innovation!”

The symposium will focus on topics relevant to organizations, industries, and the economy in North Texas. Of greatest interest are new ideas, concepts and experiences associated with the following:

  • Innovative project/program management approaches and techniques
  • How organizational design promotes or hampers innovation
  • Planning for innovation on products
  • How does risk management factor into innovation?
  • Tools to enhance creativity and innovation
  • How Agile project management can foster innovation
  • Implementing innovation during a project
  • How does change management factor into innovation?
  • Managing innovative product development
  • Case studies and lessons learned

Abstracts are due by Monday, January 15, 2018. For instructions and template, go to http://jindal.utdallas.edu/executive-education/project-management/pm-symposium/

Those whose abstracts are accepted will be expected to prepare a full paper and deliver a presentation at the UT Dallas symposium in May.  Papers must be original, not previously published and free of commercial content. Selected papers will be republished after the symposium in the PM World Journal.

The two-day symposium is sponsored by the Graduate Program in Project Management at UT Dallas, in cooperation with the PMI Dallas Chapter and the PM World Journal.  The annual 2-day project management conference focuses each year on topics relevant to industries in North Texas, including energy, healthcare, information technology, software, telecommunications, transportation, local government and others.  To access conference website, click here.

This is a traditional PM conference with papers and presentations selected through a blind review process, offering opportunities for PM professionals, experts and academic researchers to get published and present their work to their peers. Unlike most conferences, paper presenters attend for free and can receive PDUs for PMP recertification. It’s also reasonably priced. You can see keynote presentations and papers from previous years on the conference website.

As it is each year, the 2018 symposium will be held in the Naveen Jindal School of Management on The UT Dallas campus in Richardson, Texas, USA.  The event will include multiple plenary sessions with keynote speakers, professional paper presentations by approximately 50 different speakers in breakout sessions, lunches and coffee breaks, a networking reception and door prizes.   Attendees can receive up to 15 PDUs for attending, while paper presenters can receive more. If you are a project manager or project management professional living in North Texas, you should plan to attend this world class symposium. For additional information or with questions contact [email protected] or visit the UTD symposium website here.

The Project Management Program at The UT Dallas provides application-oriented education for professionals with significant project, program or general management responsibilities. Established in the Executive Education Center in UT Dallas’ Naveen Jindal School of Management, students can earn a Graduate Certificate in Project Management, a Master of Science degree with an emphasis in project management, or a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with project management emphasis.  UT Dallas PM program, originally developed in 1997, is accredited by the Project Management Institute (PMI®) and is registered with the PMI Registered Education Provider Program (PMI R.E.P.). For more information, visit project.utdallas.edu.

The PMI Dallas Chapter is a volunteer-based professional association dedicated to supporting the growth and development of project management practitioners, as well as building awareness of the project management discipline and its critical role in business and organization success. With more than 400,000 members in over 200 countries, the Project Management Institute (PMI®) is the world’s largest membership association for project management. Founded in 1984 and with over 4,000 members, the PMI Dallas Chapter is one of the world’s largest PMI components.  To learn more, visit www.pmidallas.org

The PM World Journal (PMWJ) is a monthly digital publication featuring dozens of articles, papers and stories about projects and project management around the world. Registered with the US Library of Congress (ISSN: 2330-4480), the PMWJ is produced by PM World which also maintains the PM World Library (PMWL), a global resource for continuous learning in programme and project management.  To read the latest edition, go to www.pmworldjournal.net.  To learn more, visit https://pmworldlibrary.net/.